Dr. Daniel Stock Disagrees With the CDC/NIH on COVID (Updated)

Dr. Daniel Stock Disagrees With the CDC/NIH on COVID (Updated)
Dr. Daniel Stock (Credit: The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast)

Update: Fact-checkers have found multiple claims in Dr. Stock’s speech to be false and/or misleading:

Misleading: The fact that face masks or vaccines aren’t 100% effective doesn’t render them useless. Several studies demonstrate that face masks effectively reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses in community settings. Even if they don’t completely prevent infection or disease, vaccines have proven one of the most effective tools to control the spread of infectious diseases.
Incorrect: COVID-19 vaccines reduce the likelihood of infection in previously infected individuals, contradicting the claim that vaccination provides no benefit for them.
Unsupported: COVID-19 vaccines haven’t shown signs of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in animal studies or vaccinated people. In fact, vaccination reduces the risk of infection and the disease severity, which is the opposite of what happens in ADE. There is no reliable evidence that either ivermectin or vitamin D and zinc supplementation effectively prevent or treat COVID-19.


This video of a Mt. Vernon School Board meeting in Indiana has been lighting up the Internet. Despite being pulled down by YouTube for a time, it found its way back via bitchute, Reddit, Rumble, and other channels.

The local Greenfield Daily Reporter gave a bit of background behind the school board meeting, which sought to update its COVID protocols in light of the Delta variant:

First adopted in May and modified in JulyMt. Vernon’s system already relies on the absentee rate due to combined illness of students and staff in an individual building to trigger certain requirements. Those include additional sanitizing procedures, masking, and, in the event of widespread absences, consulting with the Hancock County Health Department about possibly closing a school.

Mt. Vernon’s school board held a special meeting Friday afternoon and evening to consider adding numbers of COVID-positive individuals per building as triggers for those requirements as well.

Enter Dr. Daniel W. Stock, founding physician of PureHealth Functional Family Medicine in Noblesville, IN. Dr. Stock did his undergraduate work at Notre Dame University where he received his B.S. in Biology, then went on to medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Stock did his internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis and began actively practicing as a primary care physician in 1989. He has enjoyed a 33-year-career in medicine.

Dr. Stock is a diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology, and a diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

All that background is so you know, he’s no lightweight, rent-a-doctor television expert, or a bureaucrat. Dr. Stock actually treats patients, and he moved away from corporate medicine to his own Direct Patient Care (DPC) practice, cutting out the middleman of insurance companies, employers, and corporate and government hospitals, to provide unfettered and detailed care to patients. The patient pays for the doctor’s time and expertise, not some insurance rate for services, labs, and tests.

My husband and I had the privilege of being patients at one of these newish concierge medicine practices, and my husband, who has a chronic illness, did incredibly under this type of care. We look for this type of medical care, rather than the typical corporate medical chains that are only interested in their bottom line, rather than caring for the patient’s needs.

In an interview on The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, it was revealed that Dr. Stock has most recently learned of an innovative way of reversing Alzheimer’s Disease. He said in the podcast that finding out all the elements that cause a person to become ill is the best way to be able to treat a chronic disease.

“Whether my patient is battling the common cold, or Alzheimer’s Disease, my goal is to realize and achieve ‘good healthcare,’ and to that, I believe in spending more time with each patient to inform them of their options, make decisions and plan out the best, next steps” said Dr. Stock. “I firmly believe most issues can be solved by lifestyle changes if caught early enough, and in an economical way. And, DPC functional medicine allows for that to occur.”

We would have a healthier planet with more functioning and happier humans, if we had more Dr. Stocks and less Dr. Faucis.

The Mt. Vernon School Board meeting occurred on Friday, August 7, and the video was posted soon after. It went viral over the weekend before YouTube took it down. The person who recorded Dr. Stock reposted the video.

And somehow, it reappeared on YouTube, in more than one form. The Internet remains undefeated!


To address your comment, “Gee, it’s hard to believe we’re 18 months into this and still having a problem.” I would suggest the reason we stilll have a problem is that we are doing things that are not useful, and we’re getting our sources of information from the Indiana State Board of Health and the CDC. Who actually don’t bother to read science before they do this.

Everything being recommended by the CDC and the state board of health is actually contrary to all the rules of science.

How many people with basic biology knowledge and common sense have known this? It’s tragic that we turned off both, and listened to so-called experts who claimed they knew best, while doing the worst.

Dr. Stock backed up everything he said with documents he supplied to the Board on a flash drive. A wonderful human at the Hancock County Patriots blog transferred those links here so the rest of the world could benefit.

Bravo, them.

Dr. Stock continued his points:

The CDC and NIH have chosen to purposely ignore the science they have done.

Then, Dr. Stock concisely and accurately took down the ScIEnCE presented by the CDC and their chosen bureaucrats. Some of it we already know:

  • Coronavirus, and any respiratory virus are spread by aerosol particles, which are small enough to go through a mask.
  • You cannot make these viruses go away.

As Dr. Stock fluidly explained:

The natural history of all respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long, waiting for the immune system to get sick through winter, or become “deranged”, as has happened recently with these vaccines, then they cause symptomatic disease.

Dr. Stock goes on to explain why this virus cannot be filtered out, and will not go away, and that vaccination changes none of this. No vaccine can keep you from getting infected, and when you do get infected, you may not show symptoms (or the symptoms may be less), but you are still shedding pathogens and infecting others.

Another confirmation that this Delta variant being caused by the unvaccinated is a load of bunk.

I would hope this board would start asking itself, before it considers taking the advice of the CDC, the NIH, and the State Board of Health, why we are doing things about this, that we didn’t do for the common cold, influenza, or respiratory syncycial virus. Then ask yourself, why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of Summer, when respiratory viruses don’t do that.

Dr. Stock gives detailed and highly dense information in a way that a layman understands, and pretty much blows everything we have heard, and are hearing from Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Dr.  Anthony Fauci, and the Biden administration out of the water.

And you will be chasing this for the remainder of your life, until you recognize that the Center for Disease Control and the Indiana State Board of Health are giving you very bad scientific guidance.

Dr. Stock warned that those who had already contracted COVID and recovered, should be “nowhere near a vaccine.” Dr. Stock also outlined inexpensive and natural treatment protocols for COVID that he used to treat his patients. All of these patients fully recovered, and none of these patients ended up in the hospital or on a vent.

He concluded by warning the school board,

The policies you are basing on are totally counter-factual.

Is there any wonder why YouTube attempted to take this down?

As a result of Dr. Stock’s information and evidence, the school board moved to table the discussion pending further review of the materials and testimony this good doctor supplied.

From the Greenfield Daily Reporter:

In light of the comments and literature Stock provided, board members expressed a desire to hold off on considering adding COVID-positive totals as triggers to the tiered color system, and explore whether quarantining could be mitigated or avoided.

Board member Shannon Walls moved to table the matter for further discussion at the school board’s next meeting, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 16 in the school corporation’s administration building located at 1806 W. State Road 234, Fortville.

“I believe we have an obligation to, one, find the facts that were shared today,” Walls said. “We have not had a chance to review that information ourselves as a board. I think we have an obligation to our students to know what our academic plan is moving forward.”

The matter still needs to be discussed and hashed out, but the fact this school board is willing to do this, rather than going lock step with whatever the CDC and the State Board of Health issues, is refreshing.

You can find out more about Dr. Stock on the podcast I mentioned above. If you’re like me, and enjoy geeking out on medical care and breakthroughs, it is well worth the listen.

EP 329 | Meet Dr. Daniel Stock, founding DPC physician of PureHealth Functional Family Medicine by The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast.

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