CA RECALL: As His Poll Numbers Sink, Gavin Newsom Threatens That Democrats Will Suffer Should He Lose

Cue the tiny violins. Governor Hair Gel, the entitled and anointed governor who will soon be Recalled, said he has no regrets about how he led the State, and that he wouldn’t change a thing of what he has done.


From the Sacramento Bee:

He said he’s particularly proud of the record-breaking education spending he negotiated with lawmakers this year in the budget, which implements a host of policies, including adding a new grade to California schools called transitional kindergarten and increases funding for summer school.

“If they kick me out. I’m gonna feel good about what we just did, and not ever regret a damn thing,” he said. “We put it all out there on this education budget.”

This is not even doubling down. It’s trafficking in delusion. Newsom still will not acknowledge that his actions caused undue harm to millions of school-aged children and their families by locking them out of in-person learning, while his children had that privilege. The children who committed suicide over this are never coming back. It’s going to take a long time to restore what was lost to those children still living; and now, Newsom is using his goons in the California Health Departments to threaten any reopening of schools in September.

Newsom refuses to acknowledge the destruction of small businesses, and his ignoring the cries of independent professionals destroyed by AB5. All we wanted was to simply live our lives, earn a living, and provide for ourselves. Instead, he instituted his progressive agenda that decimated countless lives.


The ball is down, yet he continues to fumble. Now, His Hairfulness throws a Hail Mary to rally the national Democrat Party and his base in order to save his skin:

If California Gov. Gavin Newsom is recalled, he predicted the effects would be felt “all across the country” for “many, many years,” arguing Thursday in an interview with McClatchy’s California editorial boards that it could boost Republican chances in the 2022 midterms.

The Democratic governor, who faces a recall election Sept. 14, said he doesn’t think people are really considering the question of what happens if he loses.

“I don’t think the national Democratic Party’s asking themselves that question,” Newsom said during the interview with the editorial boards of The Sacramento Bee, The Fresno Bee, The Modesto Bee and The Tribune of San Luis Obispo. “If this was a successful recall, I think it would have profound consequences nationwide, and go to not just politics, but to policy and policymaking.”

A successful recall would spur a “weaponization” of the recall process and prompt more attempts to oust local elected officials, Newsom predicted.

He said it could give Republicans an advantage in the 2022 midterms, particularly given that the recall is happening in the home state of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris. Newsom said he believes that could affect a wide range of policies, including on immigration, climate, health care and COVID-19.


He’s not wrong, and this is the very point of a Recall. Not to give Republicans power, but to put the power back where it belongs: with the people of the State and the nation. Government of, for, and by the people was what the Founders of the nation and the State of California intended, and Newsom’s party has done their level best to move governance as far from that intention as possible.

We have not helped either, especially here in California.

Recall candidate and Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley said it best, and said it well:

This is what Newsom is afraid of; that the people will understand that they are in charge and take the reins. Not only take the reins, but remove anyone who thinks the reins belong solely to them. The Democrat oligarchy in the State would be undone, and His Hairfulness just cannot have this happen.

Which is why he is crying crocodile tears over being a hypocrite with his son and the basketball camp, accusing the media of “weaponizing” his kids. Which is why he is holding press conferences talking about what he plans to do, but failing to address all he has done and what he hasn’t done for the people of California.


During the wide-ranging, hour-long interview, Newsom vehemently defended his record on housing, homelessness and the environment. He pointed to the record-breaking funding he’s poured into housing and homelessness programs despite the pandemic.

On the environment, he said even California needs to do more to fight climate change, but argued the Golden State is leading the way under his leadership, pointing to billions of dollars in spending to boost electric vehicle use and reduce carbon emissions.

Yet, the lights don’t stay on, people with electric cars are encouraged not to charge them in record heat in order not to blow the power grid, and fires are raging because of Newsom’s mismanagement. Not to mention him lying about his wildfire prevention management. We remember it well, even if he doesn’t.

While Newsom and his cohorts cry, “Republican Recall!” and invoke the Bad Orange bogeyman with whom they are obsessed, Democrats continue to insult their own party voters, and the Non-Party Preference voters who want Newsom gone.


Newsom never understood where real people truly live or what most concerns them. This is why he cannot understand why real people want him recalled sooner, rather than later.

Newsom pointed out that people who don’t like him would have a chance to vote him out of office next year anyway at the end of his term. He said that despite California’s challenges, the state still leads the country in job creation and many other economic measures.

“I‘m a future ex-governor. It could happen in a few weeks, it could happen in a few years, but I love this damn state,” he said. “The California dream … I think is still alive and well.”

For most of us, the California Dream is on life support. Hair Gel loves this state like a batterer loves their spouse.


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