Newsom Wants us to Stop "Weaponizing" His Kids, While He's Killing Ours

This would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. Gavin Newsom has done more than any governor of the State of California to destroy children’s lives. The American Federation of Teachers just pumped $250,000 into Newsom’s Stop the Republican Recall campaign, followed by the California Teachers Union plunking down $1.8 million towards the same.


Coincidence? I think not.

Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kiley made this astute observation:

My colleague and RedState editor Kira Davis shared the heartbreaking story about her daughter’s devolution from a bubbly and outgoing girl to a child who barely wants to leave the house, all thanks to the forced isolation and social restrictions caused by the Newsom lockdowns. Even as I write, the “Crypt Keeper”, L.A. County Dept. of Health Officer Barbara Ferrer is planning to lock down schools in Los Angeles County again, per the California Globe:

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health just reinstated a full indoor mask mandate for everyone – no exemptions – effective Saturday. And, County Public Health Official Dr. Barbara Ferrer appears to be planning to close down/lockdown Los Angeles County schools again.


Los Angeles physician Dr. Houman David Hemmati spoke with the Globe Wednesday about these seemingly arbitrary orders and the impact to children and families.

“This is a battle of fact versus misguided agenda,” Dr. Hemmati said. He and his wife, who is also a physician, are parents of a school aged child. Dr. Hemmati said his wife is fed up and wants all of these politicians and public health officials out – from the Governor down to Dr. Ferrer. And she’s not alone.

Dr. Hemmati sent Dr. Ferrer an email expressing his concerns, as well as telling Dr. Ferrer that he led the group of several hundred LA County healthcare professionals calling for schools to reopen full time.


Yeah, good luck with that. It seems the doom of California’s children has just been sealed for $2.1 million dollars. So with all this obvious collusion between Hair Gel and the teachers’ unions to continue to reduce and destroy children’s lives, His Hairfulness had the temerity to go on the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell and whine about the media weaponizing his children.

You wanna come after me, come after me. Don’t come after 9 and 10 year-olds. He was there for one day. They said they wanted to take a picture, he took off the mask, he had the mask in his hand, and they’re attacking and weaponizing my son.”

Cue the tiny violins. How many mothers and fathers are grieving the loss of their child to suicide as a result of your lockdowns? How many mothers and fathers had to console their own children who lost scholarships, opportunities, skills, and confidence because sports activity was banned? How many parents of special-needs kids saw their children devolve and lose precious progress in learning how to navigate and function in everyday life because of you?

So, spare us your Don’t weaponize my children speech, since you have done your utmost to ensure California’s children are used as political pawns.


His Hairfulness continued his rant:

I watched network news last night and they’re weaponizing my son. My son was sitting there crying with me last night. You want to come after me? Come after me—He did nothing wrong. We pulled him out of that camp, basketball camp. You wanna come after me, come after me. Not my kids. “

Perhaps Newsom feels a fraction of what California parents have felt this past year, and into this present year, as their children have been used as fodder for the teachers’ unions. There have been multitudes of letters, protests, appeals, and petitions sent to the governor to stay this madness and save their children, and it has all been ignored.

California parents don’t have access to national news platforms to pour out their grief and anger over their children being weaponized, but Hair Gel does. Make no mistake, he’s less concerned about his children and more concerned about maintaining his seat. His Hairfulness is using this situation to gin up sympathy as the Recall election date looms closer. His odds of surviving this Recall become less and less as his hypocrisy, ineptitude, and hubris become more and more.

There are other horrors the governor and his party have wrought on Californians and their children. Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar published an open letter written by a California parent expressing her heartbreak to the governor here. In my piece yesterday on the foolish move of one of the gubernatorial Recall candidates, I outlined some of the ways Newsom’s policies have weaponized California’s children here.


Both of those articles barely cover the half of it.

So to the demand that we not “weaponize” your children, On behalf of the parents and their children whose lives you have made miserable with your evil policies and capricious games, I say,

You first.


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