Super-Spreader Events 2020—COVIDIOTS and Murderers! Lollapalooza 2021—What Super-Spreader Event?

Remember May of 2020, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis kept the beaches open for Spring Break?


Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder sued DeSantis, and then spent his free time (he’s a lawyer?), trolling beaches as the Grim Reaper and warning people about the dangers of COVID. Uhlfelder was hailed as a hero by local and national media.


Then there was the August 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, that the media deemed a Super Spreader Event, after a (now debunked) study claimed that over 250,000 people had been infected with COVID-19. South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem called out the media for their misinformation and set the record straight.


Then there was every Trump Rally that Summer and Fall of 2020, starting with the July 4 Speech and Fireworks at Mount Rushmore to the final one in Grand Rapids, MI. There was lots of pearl clutching, false reports, and condemnation from the media, even though all the rallies were held outside, in the open air. The CDC recommendations at that time said that the spread of COVID-19 was minimal in outdoor settings.

Yeah, good times.

But have you noticed that you rarely hear about Super Spreader Events anymore? It seems as though since we’ve elected the unifier Dementia Joe and we’ve moved on to vaccine wars, that the media is not interested in reporting on groups of people packed in an enclosed space, whether indoor or outdoor. And when it comes to a Democrat mayor in a Democrat city that needs its tax revenue, Super Spreader Events are, well… essential!

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot greenlit the annual Lollapalooza music event, a four-day outdoor concert held in Millennium Park, from July 29-August 1.


From the Mayor’s press release:

“Here in Chicago, the word ‘Lollapalooza’ has always been synonymous with summer, great music and four days of unforgettable fun – which made last year’s decision to postpone it all the more difficult,” said Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot.  “Now, less than a year later and armed with a vaccine that is safe, effective and widely available, we are able to bring back one of our city’s most iconic summer music festivals. I want to thank the Lollapalooza team for working closely with the City to create a reopening strategy that prioritizes safety and can’t wait to see festivalgoers return to Grant Park this summer.”

I think an $800 million budget shortfall in 2020, and a looming 1.2 billion hole in 2021 had much to do with her decision. Aside from the local coverage, there is barely a mention of the event in the national media. U.S. Press Secy Raggedy Jenn’s counterpart, Deputy Press Secy Karine Jean-Pierre, didn’t bother to give the event a mention in her press briefings these past few days.  And despite the twisting and handwringing in the media over breakthrough COVID infections with the vaccinated, and how the evil unvaccinated need to be dealt with, the press didn’t have any questions for her about the Chicago music festival either.

Go figure.

Two days in, the festival appears to be going swimmingly, with people identifying themselves as vaccinated, or getting tested if unvaccinated.


Local WLS reports:

CHICAGO (WLS) — Lollapalooza continues in Grant Park Friday under strict COVID safety precautions.

Thousands of people flocked to Grant Park on Thursday as the four-day music festival got underway.

The city defends their decision to allow the fest to go on, even-though it may be a big risk.

Signs and announcements remind people they need to have proof of either full COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test result.

“It’s easy enough for everyone to go get tested they were offering it right down the street, it’s easy enough for everyone to get vaccinated if they feel comfortable and so I feel like it was appropriate, it’s not keeping anyone out unless they have COVID which I think is fair,” said attendee Reagan Tallmadge.

The Lollapalooza organizers even praised the attendees for following protocols, and keeping themselves and everyone else safe:

Whether the news media reports on the aspects of COVID-19 safety at large-scale events, we will always have the Karens to keep us abreast of what is really going on:

There are hall monitors in every sector, including gigantic music festivals.

I think it’s wonderful that this music festival is happening again. If we didn’t have the California fool in place, Coachella, Burning Man, and Stagecoach would have happened this year and be similarly helping the coffers of our state, as well as giving people a much needed outlet after a year of lockdowns.

But the precedent has been set: When it comes to Democrat administrations and their need for more money, Super Spreader Events simply don’t exist anymore.



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