Nancy Pelosi has Jumped the Shark in Reinstating the House Mask Mandate, and She Knows It

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On Tuesday, the Capitol Physician Brian Monahan reinstated the mask requirement for indoor meetings and House of Representatives sessions.

Yesterday, a memo was issued that the Capitol Police are to arrest any indivdual, whether visitor or staff, who refuses to comply with the reinstated mandate.


The mandate is only in force in the House of Representatives. No such mandate was issued for the Senate side of the Capitol.

This is absolutely nonsensical. This is the same logic they used in restaurants. COVID is active when you walk through the door and wait for your table, but then magically disappears when you sit down to eat and interact. There is no science involved in this.

The Police were instructed not to arrest actual members of the House, but to report those members who refuse to comply to the Sergeant at Arms. So the SAA has now become the Stasi of the House.

This is a sickness that is rightly being rebuked and resisted. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who we know is the architect of all this, has jumped the shark.

CA Rep. Mike Garcia called Pelosi out on this overreach of power.

When you have to stoop to this level, you know you’ve lost the argument. And boy, has she lost it.

Chip Roy had an epic meltdown on the House floor over it.



This was after Pelosi insulted the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy by calling him a moron:

Pelosi doubled down, and in response to a reporter’s question on whether she held that Leader McCarthy was a moron, invoked the word: “Science” four to five times. Kind of like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, only instead of clicking her heels, Pelosi clicked her dentures.


So this is what our government has come to: trading barbs and following arbitrary diktats that have no basis in anything, and the American people marvel at why nothing ever gets done. Queen Nancy leads the parade, and has not only lost the moral high ground, along with any shred of her credibility, but she is being rightly mocked and trolled for this foolishness.

It started with a mini-protest this morning from #Sassy KY Rep. Thomas Massie:


Massie is also filing a lawsuit along with five other House members against Speaker Pelosi’s mask mandate, on the grounds of constitutionality.

And continued this evening, when maskless House Republicans walked over to the Senate side in a full-on protest of Pelosi’s mandate:

This is what we’ve become: a Congress that traffics in theater and one-upmanship. The Democrats only have themselves to blame for this recent shift. It started last Summer, with the theater of co-signing rioting and protests, wearing Kinte cloth, virtue signaling, and bowing the knee.

Nancy Pelosi, Kneeling
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Pelosi and the Democrats know the American people are fed up with their nonsense, which is why they are working to do as much damage as they can while they still hold the reins of power.


NY Rep. Elise Stefanik, who knows a thing or two about getting people elected, tweeted a video of the appearance on Fox & Friends of five GOP candidates who are gunning for vulnerable Democrat House seats. Despite her delusional rantings, Pelosi realizes she has done more to recruit Republican challengers than any speaker in recent history. Pelosi barely made it as Speaker of the House in 2020. Her chances for holding on to the House in 2022 are diminishing with each of these Kabuki Theater productions.

Pelosi and the Democrats will ultimately pay the price for her arrogance and insanity, and for us, it cannot come soon enough.


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