Thomas Massie Takes Pelosi Down a Peg or Five Over Her Capitol Mask Mandate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sometimes believes her title is actually “Queen Pelosi, first of her name” and that’s pretty evidenced by the fact that she decided to declare that anyone not wearing a mask in the House portion of the Capitol building will be arrested.


Members of the GOP have made it clear that they won’t be complying with this mandate, but no one put his rebellion more succinctly than Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie who not only made it clear that Pelosi is out of line for even bringing back the mask mandate, but that he’s going to teach her that she’s not actually as powerful as she thinks she is.

Massie created a video standing in front of Pelosi’s office with a copy of the Capitol Hill police chief’s directive to his officers to arrest and detain anyone without a mask, vaccinated or no. The congressman made it clear that her power grab is based on fake science and that she’s using these same falsehoods to enact power over everyone else with the capitol police as her muscle.

“She has no law. She has no authority to do this,” said Massie. “It’s ridiculous. We will not wear a mass. None of my staff is going to comply with this edict.”


“She thinks she’s queen…queen of congress,” he continued.

Massie made it a point to show the viewers that he was standing on the line where the House ends and the Senate begins and that by simply taking one step to either side, the law to arrest maskless people is either enforceable or not.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s unconstitutional, it’s illegal, and Nancy Pelosi does not have the authority to do this,” Massie explained. “She’s trying to do it, we’re going to resist.”

Massie reminded everyone that he’s already filed a lawsuit against her in federal court just this week, and speculated that he may have to file a second one over this issue in order to remind her of her position and the limits of her power.

“We’ll take her to court,” said Massie. “We’ll take her all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to. She’s not the queen of this country. She’s not even the queen of the Capitol, and she needs to start behaving like a representative of the people of the United States instead of like a dictator and a hypocrite.”

Massie told everyone to go on C-SPAN so they can witness Pelosi defying her own law by not wearing a mask while she issued this edict.


“She is a hypocrite and a tyrant. This needs to stop and we are fighting her today,” concluded Massie.

Massie’s “come at me bro” attitude should be the standard attitude around the House for everyone from the GOP to random visitors. Democrats can cower all they want, but this Massie is correct. This is far beyond anything the House Speaker has the power to do.

Hats off to Massie for standing up and reminding Pelosi that despite her delusions, she’s still a public servant who operates within the bounds of the law.



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