CA RECALL: Even Friendly Pollsters Can't Help Newsom as the Recall Enters the Margin of Error

In case you’ve missed it, Governor Gavin Newsom has been having a hissy fit of massive proportions, channeling his inner gay Queen in the bitchiest of ways. Like the Wizard when Toto pulled back the curtain, Newsom’s doddering, aged, and gaslighting self has been exposed. Not only has he compared Californians who have chosen not to get the vaccine to drunk drivers, but he squared off with GA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Flame Thrower) and lost. To top it off, he’s being called on more hypocrisy by allowing his oldest scion Hunter to gallivant around basketball camp maskless, when the CA Dept of Health has required children to wear masks at summer camps.


Suffice to say, Hair Gel is having a bad week, and it’s not even Wednesday.

I’m confident that this poll was the straw that scratched the Diva’s back.

As Newsweek reports:

The poll, conducted by the University of California, Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies with support from the Los Angeles Times, surveyed Californians most likely to vote in the upcoming recall election, set to take place on September 14.

The poll showed 50 percent of respondents opposed recalling the governor, while 47 percent supported removing Newsom from office. The difference between the two responses is within the poll’s margin of error. Only 3 percent of respondents said they were still undecided.

Wow. The Los Angeles Times and the Bezerkley Institute are Newsom’s friends. So these findings are well, kind of stunning.

The poll also found different levels of motivations between the two political parties in relation to the recall. Almost 90 percent of Republicans polled showed a high level of interest in the upcoming election. By comparison, 58 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of independents said they had a high level of interest in the special election.

The Los Angeles Times said while Republicans make up roughly 25 percent of registered voters in California, they comprise 33 percent of poll respondents likely to vote in the recall. Democrats and independents, which make up a majority of California registered voters, indicated that they would represent 42 percent and 18 percent of likely voters in the recall election respectively.

“Democrats, at least in the middle of July, almost unanimously believed that Newsom will defeat the recall,” said Mark DiCamillo, the poll’s director. “I think that may be contributing to some complacency among those voters. Republicans, on the other hand, are confident that they can turn out the governor. I think the Newsom campaign really has to light a fire among the Democrats and say, ‘Look, the outcome is in jeopardy unless you get out there and vote.'”


Christine Pelosi, who did warn His Hairfulness that blaming the Recall on right-wing, Q-Anon Trump Republicans would not go well, issued this cry for help:

Indeed — as I have been saying since May — the #CArecall is a wake up call and must be stopped by Democrats addressing the emotional and economic devastation of COVID and convince voters to reject those who weaponize our pain with no plan to help us heal.

Well, Christine, you and your party are experts on weaponizing constituents’ pain, and Your Boy simply wants to pour on more of it. If he wasn’t facing a Recall, you know the entire State would have remained on total shutdown. So, it’s rich that you accuse the Recall proponents of having no plans to heal. Someone needs to look in the mirror.


This metric has His Hairfulness particularly worried:

And since most know the nature of both organizations that mounted the poll, I suspect the margins are not as tight as they appear. I attended a Patriot coalition event last night that was packed full. Every single person was fired up and spitting ready to show Newsom the door and elect a new governor.

Methinks His Hairfulness knows that he is in high water. Sink or swim time, and if Newsom continues in bitch-Queen mode, he’ll definitely keep sinking.

Since Hollywood was exempted from his last round of lockdowns, and Newsom just signed a bill into law adding $660 million towards film and television production, the glitterati are coming out of the woodwork to rally their base—if there is any base left after the woke antics of the past year.

Debra Messing tweeted from one of her heavily guarded houses:


But one commenter knows what goes on with the CNN-hypnotized California progressive base:

Then there’s this bit of news from D.C.:

Kamala coming out to campaign for Newsom?! If it goes as well as her “Root Causes” Guatemalan tour, he’s toast.


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