IN MY ORBIT: The Curtain Has Been Pulled Back on Newsom, and It's Not Pretty

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How low can you go? Governor Gavin Newsom is reaching for his depth as I write. With the Recall Newsom election just a short 50 days away, and Newsom’s bright, shiny, objects campaign falling flatter than a soufflé at high altitude, Governor Hair Gel is now channeling his gay persona of bitchy Queen as he rants on national television, and gets into it on Twitter with the likes of GA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Flame Thrower).

The first view of his chipped claws? Dictating that all government and health care employees be vaccinated. If they are not vaccinated, they have to be tested weekly and marked with a scarlet “V” to show that they are disease vectors who refuse to follow THE SCIENCE! No mention that the breakthrough variant Delta is affecting both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, and there is no clear correlation between being unvaccinated and the increasing spread of this strain of COVID.

But when has that ever stopped him?

Listen to his tone. He talks as if he is scolding a brain-addled child who just wet themself. His Hairfulness doesn’t serve the citizens of California, he rules over its subjects; and the subjects are being unruly.

Must. Get. Them. Back! In! Line!

With his thong still in a wad, Newsom took to Twitter to double down on his comments that compared people who are still not ready for the jab to drunk drivers.

I have a friend who already has myocarditis, the inflammation of the heart muscle which can lead to acute heart failure. So, taking the vaccines, which studies increasingly show that myocarditis has been a side effect of at least one of them, could be a death sentence for her. She is not vaccine hesitant or resistant, she just wants to preserve her life. So to compare someone like her, or a childbearing female who has not received any credible answers on how the vaccines affect fertility, or millions of others who have legitimate concerns to a drunk driver is just unconscionable and downright nasty.

This got the Notorious MTG into the mix, who not only called him out on his drama queen and dictatorial behavior, but reminded him that it is because of this behavior that he is facing a Recall election to oust him:

No lie here. Newsom is prancing around as though a Recall election is not even occurring and that he has done nothing wrong. He’s also still denying that crime is on the rise, when his own winery was broken into, and former U.S. Senator Barbara “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Boxer was mugged for her phone in broad daylight.

Still in full bitch Queen mode, his Hairfulness rocked his neck and snapped back at Taylor Greene:

I wonder if Hair Gel expressed the same venom toward his girl, Kamala, when she said in the Vice Presidential debate that she would not trust a vaccine that came out of the Trump administration? Rhetorical question, of course.

Newsom knows firsthand about Murderous. Murderous is placing COVID positive patients in care homes with the elderly, something that he, along with his other blue state dictators in NY, MI, PA, and NJ, will probably never be brought to account over, because Biden’s DOJ, the “impeccable” Merrick Garland, would rather look for racism under every rock, as opposed to real crimes right under his nose.

Murderous is shutting down schools and isolating children to a screen and no sports, which fueled record numbers of suicide deaths among teenagers.

Murderous is Newsom’s lengthy shutdown of the state, along with shutting down in-person worship and meetings for churches and synagogues that resulted in record numbers of drug overdoses and adult suicides. Murderous is Newsom’s drunken affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of his supposed friend and campaign manager Alex Tourk. His marriage to Kimberly Guilfoyle was already destroyed, so I guess the Tourk’s marriage was simply collateral damage.

It was after this affair and a half-baked apology, that Newsom underwent outpatient treatment for alcohol abuse. If a $15,000 alcohol tab from the French Laundry is any indication, this treatment may not have stuck.

Or, if Newsom is still abstaining, he exhibits all the behaviors of a dry drunk. A person who has not dealt with the issues and behaviors that led him to drink in the first place. Someone who claims he is cured, but has stopped working “the steps”.

He certainly hasn’t moved past the First Step. To paraphrase: Admit that you’re powerless against your addiction, and that your life has become unmanageable. Nothing screams mismanagement more than 2.1 million signatories to Recall you from office.

I sincerely hope Hair Gel seeks true help when he is removed. Unfortunately for us, he is clawing and scrambling to maintain his dictatorship, as he races to reach bottom.

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