Wisconsin Joins the 2A Sanctuary Fight; Joe Biden Hardest Hit

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My late night/early morning writing and reinvention work has given me the perfect opportunity to catch up on my Bearing Arms Cam & Co. videos. Bearing Arms is one of our sister sites, and Cam is the Managing editor. Cam does excellent work keeping us gun owners, enthusiasts, and 2A advocates abreast of legislation coming down the pipe which infringes on our Second Amendment rights, the legislation by the states that is seeking to protect those freedoms, with a breakdown of the finer legal points. Cam does this in a way that helps you understand what’s at stake, and also gives insight into where it could all lead.


Cam also does an “Armed Citizen” segment, spotlighting good guys with guns who save life and property because they exercised their 2A rights. Cam also includes a crime segment to highlight how the Left’s misguided gun-grabbing agenda under the guise of supposedly reducing crime and violence does just the opposite, as the police blotters attest.

Cam brings on some great guests to enhance or back up all those things, and he does it in a concise, and digestible fashion that makes you feel like you became smarter and more knowledgeable in that space of 20 minutes, give or take.

On a personal note, Cam is a ginger with a pretty awesome beard. One of these days maybe I’ll show you a picture of my husband when we first met, and you’ll understand why I’m partial to that.

But, I digress…

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And now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

Cam has most recently done some great analysis on the Missouri and Texas 2A laws: MO’s “Second Amendment Preservation Act” and TX’ “Second Amendment Sanctuary Law”. In the video below, Cam breaks down Dementia Joe and his Department of Justice’s threat to MO.


From the AP‘s take:

“[T]he law threatens to disrupt the working relationship between federal and local authorities, they said in the letter, noting that Missouri receives federal grants and technical assistance.”

In the video, Cam breaks down Gov. Mike Parson’s and Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s response. MO’s takedown is quite delicious, and Cam’s analysis is worth the watch as a companion to this article:

My colleague, Susie Moore, whose super power is the law, also does a great breakdown on the MO law and Biden’s response here. Susie embeds a link to the full 7-page rebuttal letter, and as Cam said in the video, it is masterfully done.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed his Second Amendment Sanctuary bill into law last Friday to much fanfare. Pushback is expected, but you know that like MO, TX is ready for it:

Now it appears that Wisconsin wants to join the party:

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


Wisconsin’s legislature has a Republican majority, so even if Gov. Evers does veto the bill, it does not mean the battle is over. As Cam outlines in his videos, 21 states have passed some form of these Second Amendment Sanctuary laws, and if Wisconsin is any indication, other pro-Second Amendment states will be considering similar measures. Dementia Joe’s increasing, and misguided, attacks on the Second Amendment rights of citizens is only adding fuel to the fire. This latest attack on gun stores under the guise of fighting violent crime is beyond the pale. As Cam said above, full of lies, mistruths, and falsehoods that cast a glaring spotlight on Dementia and his controllers lack of knowledge about the Second Amendment.

The fact that New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Corlett  is before the Supreme Court, and the recent Ninth Circuit decision to strike down California’s so-called assault weapons ban are even greater indicators. Americans are standing up for their right to bear arms, and they will no longer accept government’s heated efforts to put a chokehold those rights.


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