Los Angeles County Recall Organizers File Official Intent to Recall D.A. George Gascon

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon was served yesterday with an official notice of intent to Recall him from office.


The ire against the radical D.A. and his Special Directives which place violent criminals above victims has been well documented here, here, and here.

Gascon was sworn in on December 7. According to the County laws, 90 days is required before any action to Recall an elected official can be taken. Sunday, March 7 signified that 90-day marker, and the Recall George Gascon campaign submitted their notice of intent to the District Attorney’s office.

“George Gascon’s failure to protect our most vulnerable communities is a complete dereliction of his foremost duty as a District Attorney, and he must be removed from office immediately before he can do any more damage,” Co-Chair Tania Owens said in a press release. “What George Gascon is doing is not criminal justice reform; it is the outright destruction of our criminal justice system and the very laws meant to protect us.”

The grounds for the Recall as stated in the official notice include the following:

  • Since being elected, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has abandoned crime victims and their families. Gascon has disregarded the rule of law and weakend lawful sentencing requirements for the most violent criminals, including murderers, armed robbers, and rapists.
  • George Gascon’s new policies treat career and repeat violent offenders as if they had never committed a crime, ignoring public safety laws approved by the people. Gascon has even reduced sentences on hate crimes, gun crims, and gang crimes.
  • On behalf of crime victims and their families, and in the interest of public safety, this notice of intention to recall George Gascon as Los Angeles District Attorney is submitted.

The threshold to meet this Recall is smaller than the Recall Gavin Newsom amount. Just 580,000 signatures are needed within 160 days for the Recall effort to qualify. Los Angeles County is one of the largest in the state of California, with just shy of 4 million people.

With the successful qualification of the Recall of Gavin Newsom, the citizens of Los Angeles County have a foundation to work from in the process of removing this District Attorney from office.

Once petition are approved and certified, they will be made available for signatures. Visit the Recall George Gascon website or the Recall George Gascon Facebook group for information and updates.


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