Liz Cheney Has Been Booted From Leadership, and the Never Trumper Tears Are Delicious

I laughed uproariously (really) when I saw this pass across my Twitter timeline:


Expect to see Amanda Carpenter in a Handmaid’s Tale costume soon. She’s quite broken up, and giving off serial killer vibes.

Carpenter accuses the Republican Party of being cowardly sheep for ousting poor, put upon, WY Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Recalcitrant) from her leadership position by a voice vote rather than a roll-call vote. Seriously, that is her only basis.

Cheney is still in the party and still a U.S. Congresswoman, she just doesn’t call the shots on the direction of the party anymore, and that’s a good thing.

Whether she stays in office is up to her constituents, but it’s not looking good, no matter what the nattering Nancies in the legacy media say.

However, Carpenter acts as though the Republican House assaulted Cheney without provocation, and then ran her over with a car. The subhead of the article: “How the Republican party knifed Liz Cheney while hiding from her” pretty much says it. This was an act of violence against women! Remind me again, how many women make up the Republican Caucus now?


Asking for a friend…

The piece is straight-up melodrama. Carpenter is trying to give Stacey Abrams a run for her money in the pulp fiction department, creating her Liz Cheney: Superwoman in order to make the Republican leadership appear like mere, tiny mortals:

When the time came to hold the vote on Wednesday morning, there were no speeches from the members looking to remove her. Only Cheney spoke. And she faced her fate wearing a replica pin of the George Washington battle flag given to her by her mother. The symbolism was clear.

Cheney would have been better off wearing the “Appeal to Heaven” flag on her lapel. Only God could save her this time, although even he might not be so inclined.

Carpenter continued to weave her yarn:

“As she brandished that flag, in the end, Cheney’s Republican colleagues couldn’t muster the courage to hold a roll call vote to get rid of her. No one was willing to put their names on the record against her.”

“This way there is no paper trail. No speeches recorded in the record. No video, even, of Republicans in the chamber reacting to Cheney’s Tuesday night speech. Republicans can say that both everyone and no one was against her. It’s as if the entire episode never happened.”


Neither was there in February, Amanda. It was a secret ballot then, too! Cheney won that one, as CBS News reported.

House Republicans voted by a large margin Wednesday to allow Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney to stay on as the GOP conference chairwoman following an hours-long meeting where members aired their grievances over her vote to impeach former President Trump last month. Just 61 Republicans voted to remove Cheney from her post, while 145 voted for her to stay in a vote by secret ballot.

The vote came after Cheney told her Republican colleagues she would not apologize for her decision, according to a source familiar with the meeting. She later praised the result as a “terrific vote.”

“We’re not going to be in a situation where people can pick off any member of leadership,” she said after the meeting. “It was very resounding acknowledgment that we need to go forward together and then we need to go forward in a way that helps us beat back the really dangerous and negative Democrat policies.”

Apparently, the displeasure within the Republican Caucus spread to enough of the members to oust her this time. Cheney failed to do what she said she would do: move forward and help to “beat back the really dangerous and negative Democrat policies.” Instead, she joined Carpenter and Friends’ Never Trump Train, and continued to harp about and malign a president that she despised. But more troublesome, Cheney insisted on the purity test to which she claims they were holding her. They just wanted her to move forward with the Republican policy goals; Cheney wanted them to disavow Trump and insist that January 6 was a violent insurrection that he caused. It was a fork in the road, and her colleagues weren’t going to do it her way, and Cheney was not going to stop her self-righteous campaign. It was inevitable that Cheney and the party would have to go in separate directions.


The grievances from February had not changed, and there was probably no debate because they had said all that they needed to say three months ago. Cheney can comfort herself in her unbending loyalty to her “truth”, as well as becoming the new darling of the Never Trumpers and legacy media. Hope that Savannah Guthrie interview and CNN gig are worth it, because as an elected official, Cheney has relegated herself to the ash heap of history.

Not to be outdone, John Hart took to Jonah Goldberg’s rag, The Dispatch, to add some stinky cheese to the Never Trumper whine.

The drawn-out and ham-fisted public campaign to humiliate Cheney for the crime of refuting Trump’s lies has gratuitously insulted not just Cheney, but, by extension, millions of Americans who are permanently unsettled by the events of January 6. The message to conscientious objectors uncomfortably hanging around the GOP is this: You’re not welcome, get out. Even Peggy Noonan is calling the move “cowardly.” She writes, “It will make the party look stupid and weak, as if it can’t tolerate dissent.” Is President Reagan’s premier speechwriter no longer welcome in today’s GOP?

Dude, how out of touch are you? Noonan ceased being welcome when she voted twice for Obama! How do you recognize someone who isn’t with it? When they hold up a former speechwriter of George H.W. Bush as a stalwart Republican. Hello?! The 80s are calling and want their thousand points of light back.


Hart continues to get it wrong in his response to a credible take by Jason Miller.

Carpenter ended her serial killer screed with this dire warning:

The silence of Cheney’s opposition says it all. They can run for now, but they can’t hide from this fight forever. They asked for it.

Yes, they did, and they aren’t hiding from the fight that matters to them: Dementia Joe and his socialist policies that are destroying the country. If Cheney cared about joining that fight rather than creating battles of her own (sound familiar?), she would still be in leadership, rather than out of it.




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