Real Time With Bill Maher Skewers the CIA Recruitment Video: "It's Not About You!"

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Bill Maher seems to be at the “Get off my lawn” phase of his career. I have not bothered to watch him since his Politically Incorrect days eons ago, but apparently, he’s been espousing some common sense of late, like on Friday night’s Real Time with Bill Maher.


While I find Rick Wilson of Lincoln Project fame execrable, Maher paired him with Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) who is a former CIA analyst, and sometimes has interesting things to say. Once I was able to get past the usual garbage about how Democrats saved America, what a wonderful leader Joe Biden is (truly delusional), how the Republican Party is irredeemably mired to Trump, and fluffing Liz Cheney as the last sane Republican on the reservation <insert *eyeroll* emoji here>, Maher, Slotkin, and even Wilson had some reality-based commentary about the truly retch-worthy CIA Recruitment video that has been the topic of conversation this week.

Maher prefaces his dive into the video as him picking on Generation Z (Zoomers), and some Millennials. Ironic that this is probably most of the demographic of his live audience. I am Generation X, and the last taping I bothered to attend was the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. As anyone who has ever done a live audience taping knows, it is a tremendous time suck, and I got better things to do with mine.

Maher then countered that comment with, “Somebody has to!” Definitely shades of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

Apparently, Gen Z is the focus of the CIA recruitment tactics, and whoever came up with the concept tried to cater to what they believe that audience wants. If this is the case, then God. Help. Us. America is doomed.

I suffered the pain of the earlier bloviating so that you wouldn’t have to. The Real Time segment is queued up where this conversation begins. It ends around 44:11 and is worth watching all the way through.



After the edited portion of the CIA Recruitment video was played, Maher asked Slotkin and Wilson,

“Does every single thing about them have to be reported as though they are the most interesting person in the world? Do we want someone in the CIA this self-involved?”

Definitely not. What is complete tunnel-vision on Maher’s, Slotkin’s, and especially Wilson’s part, is that this is the generation that Democrat educational policies and cultural erosion has gleefully created! These three are the Frankenstein team who are upset that the monster is now wreaking havoc for them. The evil Republicans they love to skewer and complain about at least held the line on what love of country means, what serving your country is all about, and supported, rather than attacking the civic and cultural institutions that worked to uphold these values. But, one can’t ask too much; the fact they recognize the erosion of these values and its effect on this particular generation is a beginning.

Slotkin responded to Maher,

“As the CIA officer in the room, I mean, I watched this, and I don’t know who they are trying to appeal to; because the people I know who are interested in working for their country, are interested in the mission that is bigger than themselves.”

Bingo. The last thing a foreign spy cares about is whether you quoted a Zora Neale Hurston poem on your college application, and beyond gauging character and influences, neither should the CIA.

When the audience erupted into applause, Maher interjected,


“It’s not about you! It’s not about you.”

It is not, and from Mr. Playboy mansion who is a poster child of the 70s “Me Generation” (all the way down to the still bad hair), it’s pretty rich. I was amazed that this even came out of Maher’s mouth.

Wilson actually made some sound comments about how this generation is fixated on their “identifiers” (Cisgender, Latina, female, ad nauseam), and that these identifiers have become more important than the actual work. He also hit it home that the World War II “Greatest Generation” is quickly dying off, and the characteristics that allowed them to fight a war and win are sorely lacking in Gen Z.

Slotkin concluded with this:

“I have a lot of young people work for me, I spend my time with a lot of young people, and I just think this misses the mark, they are underestimating the average young person.”

Again, let’s pray that is the case, because if the woman in that CIA recruitment video is representative of who will lead intelligence for our country, China won’t need another Wuhan virus. They can just march in and level us.

Here is the CIA recruitment video for your viewing displeasure, if you can stand it.


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