More Reasons to Recall Newsom? Add Biden's Border Crisis and Killing Grandma to the List

Newsweek is highly concerned for Governor Gavin Newsom. The national Democrat Party, whom I suspect is behind this latest attempt at damage control, is pointing to the Biden’s Border Crisis as a potential tipping point in the current Recall effort to remove Newsom from office.


Along-shot [sic] recall effort by an ex-sheriff’s sergeant with a bone to pick with California Governor Gavin Newsom has quickly become real, thrusting a likely November election into the spotlight and raising concerns that the Biden administration’s deepening border woes could harm Newsom’s fight against the recall.

Duh. The top item on the Recall Gavin Newsom petition under “grounds for the recall” is “Laws he endorsed favor foreign nationals, in our country illegally, over that of our own citizens.”

Newsom, who runs a state that is 40 percent Latino and 15 percent Asian, has long been pro-immigrant. California announced in February that it was providing up to $28 million to help arriving asylum seekers, including footing the bill for hotel rooms for COVID-quarantine efforts, food and transportation.

Interesting how Newsweek wishes to focus on the 55 percent of Latinos and Asians, while ignoring the 45 percent who comprise Whites, Blacks, and other ethnicities. Between AB5 and preferring illegals over Blacks in terms of education and employment, you already have Black voters who want him gone.

Newsom all but ignored the four-page letter from the Los Angeles Urban League and other leading members of California’s African American and Latino communities expressing grave concern about the state’s targeting of the gig-economy, which AB5 and tanking Prop 22 were focused on, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.


As the letter stated:

It is unconscionable for the State of California to wage a political war on the gig-economy in the middle of this crisis. Thousands of small businesses were forced to close or lay off workers because of a controversial law you signed aimed at forcing companies to restrict the use of independent contractors. While the law may have been well-intentioned, thousands of Black businesses are being crushed by the twin catastrophes of AB5 and COVID-19. And now your Administration is attempting to shut down the gig-economy platforms that you yourself declared to be providing essential services, critical to health and safety, during a national crisis.

Newsom did not care then, and he does not care now. He is under the delusion that virtue signaling to MSNBC’s Joy Reid that he’ll appoint a Black Senator if Sen. Dianne Feinstein retires will cover it for this demographic. He already screwed the pooch by appointing a Latino male, Senator Alex Padilla (D-Corrupt), to Sen. Kamala Harris’s seat instead of another Black woman; but, typical Hair Gel, he failed to read the room.

Like all good Democrats, Newsom paternalizes and manipulates the Black voting bloc, then discards them when they are no longer needed. But, between the school closures which have disproportionally affected minorities and women, and the fight over Prop 22, which, had it not passed, would have put many Black drivers out of income in the middle of the California lockdowns, Newsom’s Democrat Black Caucus may be the only ones in his corner.


Don’t believe me? Democrat and Political Strategist Jasmyne Cannick had this to say about Newsom in the LA Sentinel:

Long before the coronavirus pandemic, Black unemployment was high in California. The Democrat’s support for labor policies that undermine and hurt Black workers was championed by Newsom’s administration. From month to month, Blacks in California live in a state of perpetual panic because California officials at every level are seemingly conspiring to do everything they can to price us out of our neighborhoods and homes and force us out of the state altogether.


Fact. Black women tend to vote at higher rates than other groups. Fact. 91% of Black women voted for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden according to NBC News exit poll results. Fact. We are the Democratic Party’s most loyal voting group–but don’t piss us off.

Too late, Jasmyne, too late.

And the California is “pro-immigrant” speak? That’s code for allowing illegal aliens to become a drain on the social welfare system, which they have, not to mention take low-skilled work from Blacks, as Ms. Cannick mentioned above.

Californians fight this constant push to award people who break the law yet reap all the benefits, and continue to fight it. For the Democrats and feckless Republicans who are slow to comprehend: this is part of the reason WHY Newsom is being recalled. Add to that his horrific leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, kowtowing to the California Teacher’s Union and keeping children out of school, while allowing his own children to attend in-person education. To add insult to injury, the state is now giving in-person education to migrant children.


So, Newsweek and Democrats should be very concerned about the border disaster and its affect on the Newsom Recall.

The local Democrats are having the vapors, and they have been since early January, when the Recall efforts passed 1.5 million signatures. That was when the local stooges who ride Newsom’s coattails saw the potential for their gravy train to be extinguished.

Michael Trujillo, a Los Angeles-based Democratic strategist, said that variables and factors we can’t see often affect elections and that the border quandary could be an issue that has a pile-on effect on Newsom’s political fortunes.

“The fear for Democrats is that it’s not just one issue that helps the recall but that it becomes a cumulative effect,” Trujillo told Newsweek. “Does immigration close the gap by 3 or 4 points? Does a third wave of COVID close the gap 5 or 6 points? A few things would have to go sour to impact the governor, but what we learned is issues come out of nowhere in a pandemic.”

A top progressive activist in the state, who asked for anonymity because the person is not authorized to speak publicly, told Newsweek that if Biden doesn’t turn things around at the border it might cost Newsom the recall election.

Despite the Democrat effort to paint this as partisan, right-wing crazies endeavor fueled by people being pissed that his Hairfulness had dinner at the French Laundry, those who did the hard work of mounting the Recall and gathering signatures know that Newsom’s sins are multifaceted and multitudinous.


One that gets totally ignored by national media is Newsom’s complicity in the death of seniors. Just like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Just like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. They all worked from the same template to push COVID-positive individuals into nursing and care homes without any thought of consequence.

The House Oversight Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis has sent a letter to 5 Governors, letting them know they are under investigation for this crime.

California Globe reports:

Thursday, Republican members of the U.S. House Oversight Committee announced they are investigating five Democratic governors for their decision to mandate nursing homes to take untested, if not COVID-19 positive, patients during the pandemic, and Gov. Gavin Newsom is one of those being investigated.

“The five Democratic governors, most of the leading Trump administration antagonists in some of the blue states where the coronavirus caused the most infections and deaths in the U.S., received letters,” Newsmax reported:

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

  • New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

  • Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

  • Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

“This is shaping up to be an investigation into whom to blame for nursing home deaths, the federal government or the Democratic states that forced nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients before they were prepared to handle them, according to the GOP members of the House Oversight Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis,” Newsmax reported.


If some of us can help it, it won’t just be the Border crisis that helps to fell Newsom. This newest nursing home scandal is another millstone around his neck.

Death by a thousand papercuts is still death.


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