4 Dead in a Mass Shooting in Orange, CA, and Not a Narrative to Be Found

4 Dead in a Mass Shooting in Orange, CA, and Not a Narrative to Be Found
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Another mass shooting occurred yesterday, in the City of Orange, California.

The Orange County Register reported,

A mass shooting at an Orange office building left four people dead, including a child, and two people critically injured on Wednesday evening. The suspected shooter — who was shot at by police but might have suffered a self-inflicted wound — was among the injured, authorities said.

Of the adult victims, authorities said, three were women, with two killed and one injured and in critical condition. A man was also killed.

California State Senator Tom Umberg (D-34), who represents Orange, tweeted yesterday:

U.S. Representative Katie Porter (D-45) also took to Twitter to express her sadness, and offer what would be the equivalent of “thoughts and prayers”:

The OC Register offered these additional details about the incident:

Officers shot at the shooter who was transported to an area hospital, said Orange police Lt. Jennifer Amat during a news conference near the office. The shooter was not immediately identified and police did not publicly disclose a motive or other circumstances about the shooting.

Four people died in the shooting, including a child, Amat said. Fire paramedics transported two others to local hospitals, including one female victim and the shooter who was shot at by police. Both were in critical condition late Wednesday.

A firearm was discovered at the scene.

It wasn’t immediately known if the suspect was injured by police gunfire, or had shot himself.

Police said the situation is stable and there is no threat to the public.

There is something discernably missing in this reporting, as well as other reports I have read thus far. This is not a bad thing.

The March 16 mass shooting at a spa in Atlanta had the legacy media frothing at the mouth, as they pushed the tired “white supremacy” narrative while decrying anti-Asian violence; even though victims of other races were also killed.

Not more than a week later, this same media stepped in it up to their knees with the March 22 Boulder, Colorado King Sooper mass shooting which left 10 dead. The white supremacy narrative also fell apart because the alleged gunman, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, is a naturalized Syrian and a left-leaning Muslim.

There was some quality detail and reporting in the OC Register piece, and the writers get points for including the March 14 mass shooting in Chicago. The article fleshed out the story further, with reactions from concerned relatives whose loved ones worked in the office building where the shooting occurred, and commentary from bystanders, neighbors, and the Orange County community over the tragedy. This is the type of information that not only rounds out a report, but emphasizes the collective upheaval that occurs with these types of events.

What was most amazing is that the canard of gun control was given barely a mention. When it was, it was towards the end of the article, and offered up not by the reporters, but by former Democrat U.S. Representative Harley Rouda, whose lost his seat to Republican Michelle Steel. This is one of the seats that was flipped Red in the November 2020 election, and helped to give Speaker Nancy Pelosi a narrower majority. A silver lining in an otherwise troubled Congressional cloud.

Rouda is running again, so he has to stay relevant. One would hope he keeps working on clearing up those questionable business practices, ethical and sexism concerns that still haunt him.

Is the legacy media finally getting the message that crafting narratives before the facts are presented can be detrimental to their entire agenda?

Could be; or maybe they are just too focused on pushing Biden’s destructive infrastructure bill. The Democrats and their media complex cannot walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to their governance or their policies, so it probably applies to their spinning of narratives as well.

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