Progressive Left Sets Victimization Target on Asian Community After Spa Shootings

The shootings last week in Atlanta at the Asian massage parlors were tragic events perpetrated by a mentally deranged former patron. After his arrest, the assailant claimed to police he had a sex addiction” and this is what caused him to commit these heinous crimes.


Reports are surfacing that these “spas” were really prostitution brothels masquerading as massage parlors. With our highly sexualized culture and loose moral standards the Left openly celebrates, a laughable excuse just a generation ago now seems very plausible. Sex addiction is real but it certainly doesn’t excuse murdering innocent women due to an illicit addiction.

Heeding the words of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (“Never let a good crisis go to waste”), the Democrats and their media allies immediately labeled this incident as a hate crime that was specifically targeted at Asian Americans or people of Asian descent.

Also true to form, whenever there is a firearm involved in a mass murder, the Left immediately calls for draconian measures against the Second Amendment to curtail the gun rights of law abiding citizens. We see those calls in this case. Fortuitous for the Democrats’ agenda, these shootings coincide with the recent passage of two gun control bills in the House.

One bill requires background checks on all gun sales and transfers. So if a grandfather decides to give his grandson a rifle for his birthday, the grandson is required to undergo a background check. The other bill lengthens background checks from three days to twenty. As is the case in most gun control legislation, these bills wouldn’t have stopped the Atlanta massage parlor shootings. The assailant acquired his guns LEGALLY.


The Left, along with a few Asian politicians and activists, have claimed this crime is a hate crime solely because the assailant is white. It’s been several days since these murders. There has also been plenty of time for detectives to search the suspect’s home and social media accounts plus talk to his friends and relatives.

We have yet to hear about any anti-Asian propaganda being found on his computer. We have yet to hear accounts from friends and relatives on how the suspect hated Asian people and Asian women in particular. This is also puzzling to me. If someone was a racist and hated Asian women, why would they go out of their way to patronize Asian massage parlors in order to have illicit sex with them?

In uncertain times like we are experiencing with this pandemic, you can expect the worst of humanity to surface. It has indeed done that when it comes to the increasing instances of reported racism against our  Asian neighbors. But in no way do I equate the actions of a few idiots with the sentiments of an overwhelming majority of the  American people.

As a long-time political observer, strategist, and conservative African American, I see exactly what the Left is attempting here. They have been uber successful over the last 60 years by turning their various constituent interests groups into perpetual victims. I believe this is what they are now attempting with the Asian community.


If you are Black, Hispanic, Muslim, LGBTQ, or just consider yourself somehow disadvantaged and oppressed in America, the Progressive Left wants you on their team. The last major ethnic group they haven’t convinced (yet) that they are victims is the highly educated and industrious Asian American community.

If the Left really wants to assist the Asian American community and halt discrimination against them, the first order of business should be prohibiting prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale — and other ivy league institutions — from limiting admittance of Asian American and Asian students because of their high test scores.

President Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society programs were well-intentioned, but they have literally destroyed the African American family and community under the guise of helping us. On the Great Society’s 50th anniversary in 2014, I wrote about the devastating effects these programs have had on the Black community:

The War on Poverty has arguably destroyed the black nuclear family. Roughly 75 percent of black children were born to a married two-parent family when the ‘war’ began in 1964. By 2008, the percentage of black babies born out of wedlock numbered over 72 percent. Today, the rate of unwed motherhood in the black community is more than twice as high as among whites — and almost three times higher than before big government’s grand intervention. And all this comes at a steep financial cost. The federal government has spent an estimated $15 trillion dollars to end poverty. Government reportedly spent $20,610 on every poor individual and $61,830 per poor family in 2012.
*my 50th anniversary piece LBJ


I can’t speak for the Asian community, of course, but I sincerely don’t believe they want to be portrayed as helpless victims living in a racist country where they need big government to perpetually assist and protect them. No, they can just sit back and observe how well that has worked out for the African American community.


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