CNN's Brian Stelter Is Reminded That Fox News Did Not Invent Media Nepotism

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

As my colleague Brad Slager covered, CNN’s Brian Stelter is extremely troubled by Fox News contracting with Lara Trump to be a regular contributor on the network.

Once again it is only wrong when others do it.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Fox News had formalized a contract with Lara Trump to be a regular contributor. The announcement was made by the family member and campaign worker on the Fox & Friends broadcast, and it did not go unnoticed by the news channel’s biggest fans over at CNN. Brian Stelter caught the segment, leading to his commenting on the decision.

I guess Stelter’s office is nowhere near Chris Cuomo’s—probably cannot fit those egos in one room, let alone on the same floor.

Stelter complains about nepotism at Fox News, while turning a blind eye to his own network who milked ratings and enabled grandma-killer Andrew Cuomo, with the Andrew and Chris Cuomo Comedy Hour.

Nepotism is only for Us. The rest of you are pikers.

Thank goodness for real journalists like Glenn Greenwald, who popped the balloon of Stelter’s self-importance.

According to, Cuomo makes 6 million annually, and has a net worth of 12 million. Just before the COVID lockdowns, Cuomo managed to ink a multi-year deal with CNN which will no doubt increase that net worth.

Greenwald then stomped on the balloon’s carcass:

Cry more, Potato.

Another tweeter asked some inconvenient facts about a former “conservative” host named Pat Buchanan. Buchanan hosted the CNN show Crossfire, in the wayback years, when CNN made a pretense at presenting a balanced viewpoint.

Whatever Buchanan got paid, I am sure it is nowhere near the take Chris Cuomo gets. Dining out on your father’s and brother‘s reputation cannot be easy!

Tweeter William Jennings reminds Stelter that he could use some exercise and should visit his colleague’s suite of offices.

Politisite properly finishes the argument, pointing out that no matter what the network, the League of the Lucrative Surnames displaces real journalists, every time. And bottom line with CNN: it’s always all about Trump.

Not going to happen, my friend.

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