California State Senate Doesn't Like The People, So They Decided the Constitution Doesn't Matter

The feckless Democrat representatives of California learned well from the battles of AB5 and SB277, so they have been using every means necessary to shut down the public’s ability to hear, question, and have input on the legislative process. This right is enshrined in the California Constitution, and it is the only way that all voices can be heard, not just the well-monied, or well-connected interests.


Last year, the California Legislature used the excuse of the COVID-19 pandemic to shut down the public’s access to the legislative process, restricting in-person appearances during public sessions, and then removing them completely. This year, due to their mismanagement and laziness, they plan to suspend the constitutionally-protected 30-Day Rule in which to hear objections or agreement on bills before the legislature.


The California Globe reports,

“The California State Senate voted Monday, February 22, to suspend the “30-day in print” rule contained in the state Constitution, for the 2021 Legislative Session, as the Globe reported Friday.

“That rule requires bills to be in print for 30 calendar days to allow time for public review of the measure before it can be acted upon. This rule can be suspended by a ¾ vote of the Senate or Assembly for measures considered in the individual house.

“Article IV, Section 8(a) provides: “At regular sessions no bill other than the budget bill may be heard or acted on by committee or either house until the 31st day after the bill is introduced unless the house dispenses with this requirement by rollcall vote entered in the journal, three fourths of the membership concurring.” Under this constitutional provision, which only excludes the budget bill, 30 votes of the Senate or 60 votes of the Assembly are required to suspend this requirement.”


If the COVID lockdowns have shown us anything, it’s that once a precedent is set, and rights are given way, it is extremely difficult to pull them back. Just ask the California churches that are still battling to have in-person worship services.

We know full well why the Senate chose to do this. They want to ensure they can hang onto dictatorial powers in the event (and it’s a very likely one) that Governor Gavin Newsom is Recalled.

The Democrat Supermajority Senate gleefully voted it through, with the 4 Republicans voting “Nay”.

It’s a deliberate slap in the face to California citizens, and a trampling underfoot of the California Constitution. But these Democrats learned well from their Governor and they are acting accordingly.


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