Thank You, Democrats: MTG Is Now Even More Formidable

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Truth be told, I haven’t given much time or attention to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the now notorious “MTG”. Aside from her Republican status, I have also wondered why the legacy media bothers to try and destroy this freshman Congress member. They obviously want to paint anyone who has wild conspiracy theories related to election fraud and QAnon as dangerous, but there’s something more to their obsession.


MTG is a flamethrower. No doubt about it. She’s a rabble-rouser and takes every opportunity to stir the pot. Who else could fit that description? Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Radical). There are a number of documented conspiracy theories and a ton of inflammatory statements made by this sophomore Representative from Michigan. The only difference is that a) She’s a Democrat, and b) her conspiracies and statements are acceptable to the Left. Ranting about Israel, Free Palestine, and your hatred for Donald Trump are as regular to Democrats as Metamucil.

Georgia, like Michigan, and like California, is a diverse state, and the person who flies in one District would be shunned in another. Bottom line, they are the “representative” who the people of that particular District in that particular State wanted in office.

Do these Representatives have to exhibit what you or I would consider sanity? That would disqualify AOC and half of the Reps from my state of California—Speaker Nancy Pelosi being at the top of that list. Great policy experience? Haven’t seen it come out of the House in decades. A Representative’s sole role is to be there to do the bidding of their constituents. Some succeed, and if the Congressional approval ratings are any indication, most fail. It is always a mixed bag in who gets voted in again for another two-year term.


In this day of guerilla politics, where, if it were possible, what you ate and excreted five years before you took office would be investigated, what truly sane and competent person is going to bother to run for office? Very few.

As this POLITICO writer points out,

“This is in keeping with the Framers’ general idea that only the lowest bars should be set for officeholders. They declined to cordon off Congress with credential and qualification roadblocks, stating in Article I, section 2, clause 2 that House members need only be 25 years old or older and a U.S. citizen for at least seven years. This left plenty of room for the daft, the moonstruck, the brainsick, the rabble-rousing and the witless to run for the seats. And they have, often gaining office, as Rep. Greene recently did, to the horror of many.”

Which brings us back to MTG. Now the constituents of New York, Michigan, Minnesota know how the rest of the country feels. Many of us do not consider AOC, Rashida Tlaib, or Ilhan Omar part of the reality-based crowd, nor do we think they should hold Congressional office. Yet, here we are. With the election of MTG and a few others, the scales are perhaps being balanced.

Just as the maneuvers to censure and remove AOC, Tlaib, and Omar have thus far failed, so these maneuvers against MTG will fail as well.


The day after 209 Democrats, and 11 Republicans voted to strip MTG from her Committee assignments, she tweeted this.


So if the intent of stripping MTG of committee assignments was to make her an example and more humble, it has failed miserably. If anything, she is now more formidable, and will continue to call out this history of Congressional misconduct, malfeasance, and witch hunts that Democrats would like us to forget.

Just this morning she did a press conference, and a CNN interview. Nothing about her demeanor reflects that they laid a glove on her.

Sounds like another political force that we know.

Rick Klein on ABC News rightly surmised,

“Taking away Greene’s influence is another story entirely. Grappling what she represents — not to mention what former President Donald Trump continues to mean to the Republican Party — will be near-impossible from here.


Influence is accrued and recognized based on Twitter followers and fundraising prowess more than committee assignments in many ways. Greene, R-Ga., could perversely come out of this intense period of scrutiny as a political winner; Trump’s continued backing alone could easily outweigh the disapproval of the 11 Republican House members who joined Democrats in taking her committees away.”


While we know Horseman Jack can do his creative throttling if he chooses, currently MTG has 351,700 followers, and her influence has not waned after this supposed humbling. If anything, more Americans know her name, and those Americans who agree with her brand of politics are going to not only pay attention to what she says, but rally to her side, and give money to causes and candidates she endorses.

So, thank you, Democrats! MTG could have just been another looney freshman Congress member; instead, you’ve made her a force to be reckoned with.

Well done.



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