Governor Kristi Noem Talks About Why the Republican Party Has Failed America, and How They Need to Self-Evaluate

Governor Kristi Noem Talks About Why the Republican Party Has Failed America, and How They Need to Self-Evaluate
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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem continues to show why she will be a contender for higher office, whether it is in 2024 or beyond.

Noem has ably led her State through the COVID-19 pandemic, without lockdowns, closed businesses, and the draconian measures employed by other governors. Noem is also not afraid to bring the fight to Democrats, the Left, and her own party; all three have tried to sabotage her leadership of her State, and have actively tried to spread lies and disinformation about her handling of the pandemic response.

Noem has come out on the other side, unscathed, and even more admirable to her constituents and to many in the nation who desire strong, consistent, and effective leadership.

Noem was interviewed on Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports and talked about America under a President Biden, the Republican Party post-President Donald Trump, and how the Republican Party can change the narrative on their electoral defeat. Noem recently spoke and wrote about, “The Republican Party Has Failed America, and Here’s How It Needs to Change” in the Federalist.

A very smart politician, Noem graciously deflected Kelly’s question asking her to speculate on President Trump’s future. Noem instead discussed what the Biden administration is doing to South Dakota, and the rest of America.

“We’re really focusing on making sure that we’re doing what’s right for South Dakota, but also defending our freedoms in this State and the freedoms of every single individual,” Noem said.

It doesn’t take a Constitutional scholar to see how Biden, with his Executive Orders and cabinet appointments, is seeking to erode individual liberties, and create policy by bypassing the legislative process.

Noem continued,

“The Biden administration has come forward with a lot of Executive Orders that will change our way of life, so we’re figuring out what that means for us here, and what we can do to fight back.”

Noem is clear-eyed about what needs to occur, as the rest of us should be. This is a fight, and it needs to start from Day 1. Conservatives too often play defense, when we need to be on the offensive, planning steps ahead, rather than trying to get from behind.

Part of the purpose of the “white supremacist” labels and targeting individuals involved in the January 6 Trump Rally/Capitol unrest is to 1) frighten Conservatives from taking action, and 2) label any push back as a violence, an attempt to overthrow the government, and “insurrection.” Thankfully, Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, as well as Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorne, and Lauren Boebert are not accepting this narrative and pushing back against the cancellation and destruction of Democrats and the Left. The Left expects Conservatives and Republicans to cave and roll over, and sadly, the track record has indicated this is the norm rather than the exception.

Noem then turned her focus to the Republican Party, and its need for a “come to Jesus” moment.

“We need to evaluate what we haven’t followed through on, and what we need to do in the future.

“We said we’d reform health care, repeal Obamacare, we have not done that. We said we’d deal with immigration, we have not done that.

“There’s a lot of different promises we’ve made to the American people that we just haven’t had the fortitude to pursue and actually get into place and impact their lives.

So the Republican Party has a self-evaluation they need to go through. And we really need to focus on making sure that we’re doing what we say. I’ve always watched every single president and I’ve watched their actions, what they’ve put into place with policies. And we as Republicans need to make sure that we follow through on everything that we say we stand for as well.”

Therein lies the rub. For those calling for a third party or a revamped Republican Party, this needs to be the only litmus test: Did your representatives follow through with what they promised, or did they get to D.C. and decided to go along to get along? If the former, then they should be supported; if the latter, they need to be removed as quickly as possible.

This needs to be done from top to bottom, starting at the local level. It is local and State government where changes can be best seeded and bear the biggest fruit. This also grooms quality Conservative candidates who are ready to ascend to national office.

Former Trump 2016 Data Analyst and Strategic Director Matt Braynard has mounted a new endeavor called Look Ahead America, where he seeks to equip and train all Americans on how to fight for voting integrity, combat Big Tech censorship, and lobby their representatives to make sure individual liberties are the focus and will be protected.

Noem found this very thing of “doing what you say and following through” to be a huge part of Trump’s success and what will be a hallmark of his legacy.

“He actually did what he campaigned on, and he followed through with it,” she said.

When Kelly asked Noem if she has any plans to run for President, she gently disabused the notion.

“No. I love it here. I’m going to run for reelection in 2022, and I’m hopeful the people of South Dakota will give me the honor of representing them and working for them another four years.”

If there is any hope for the Republican Party regaining the trust of Americans, they will have to find quality servant leaders like Kristi Noem who mean what they say and follow through, who are willing to fight for individual liberties, and who care more about protecting and defending the individual freedoms of their constituents than they care about attaining higher office.


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