Kristi Noem Jabs at Marco Rubio After an Apparent Troll Attempt

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

I’ve never been a Marco Rubio hater, though there are certainly many on the right. He seems like a nice enough guy, and I would have voted for him in 2016 had he won the nomination. He doesn’t meet every policy desire I have, specifically on foreign policy, but he’s not Mitt Romney at least. Yet even his most ardent fans have to admit that he’s very processed as a politician. You’ll understand what I mean by that after seeing the following tweets.


Notice his hat. You can also see the same USF logo on a sweatshirt he wore while getting his COVID vaccine. Rubio is from Florida, so it’d make sense that he reps the University of South Florida, correct? Except that’s not what that logo is.

Kristi Noem, whose state is the actual home of the University of Sioux Falls, took a subtle jab in response.

I’m sure she meant that come across as light-hearted as possible, but authenticity is certainly going to be a factor when both of these people likely run for president in 2024. This is an early contrast between the two styles of Rubio and Noem, one doggedly authentic and the other a very typical politician.


Regardless, the real question is exactly why Rubio doesn’t know the difference between the USF in his state and the one in Noem’s state? This wasn’t just one hat, but multiple articles of clothing he’s been wearing. I’m going with a staff member or his wife trolling him here. Or maybe he just really likes cougars? Either way, it’s kind of cringe that he’s so obviously “put together” as a politician instead of just being himself.

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