California’s a F@*king Mess—But At Least We Can Laugh About It

Jim Thompson Sports Art. used with permission

Let’s play a game of “Name that State”:

The Governor is drunk on power and he imposed unconstitutional lockdowns. Because of this, he is being Recalled by the citizens, but the Governor denies this is happening while his political party and a complicit media are smearing the Constitutional effort as a right-wing coup. This Governor yells, “The Science!” at every press conference, while dining indoors at a swanky restaurant without a mask. Then the Governor decides to re-open the State, and when citizens ask to see the COVID data that drives this decision, he tells said citizens that we don’t need to see it because we are too stupid to understand.


If you guessed California, you’re smarter than the average Brown Bear.

So how have those who haven’t fled the State kicking and screaming been able to cope? No other way but laughter. We know we’re a hot mess—might as well get some humor out of it, right?

One of our more sane counties decided to leave mask mandates to the local officials (gee, what a concept), and one city doesn’t require them. I drive 35 miles out of my way to spend as much time in that city as possible!

A couple of good-hearted stoners, concerned about the COVID, thought it would be a good idea to go to that city and give away free masks.

Hilarity ensues.

Evan Wecksell is a Comedian and Singer-Songwriter whose “Socially Awkward” podcast and YouTube music parodies are his way to channel his lockdown angst. He really does miss doing live audience comedy.

“I have done shows, but most have been virtual and nothing replaces the experience of a live performance,” Wecksell laments. “Hopefully when every state is given the green light that feeling of community can return.”

Wecksell’s original music composition, “The Covid Cure” is an upbeat comedy anthem, centered on the regulations surrounding masks, dining out, and the American diet.


Wecksell explained,

“Without giving too much away, all I’m offering is my satirical perspective. There is nothing political here.

“I’m making an observation and riffing off the inconsistencies as any comedian should.”

As is apropos to our social-distancing, stay-at-home times, and for the mask Karens, you’ll notice that the music video images are entirely from stock photos and videos—so these images were pre-COVID—don’t narc on Evan Wecksell.

The photos of Wecksell’s family and parents, those aren’t stock footage and also pre-COVID… I think.

Wecksell gave his mother Marilyn a private screening of the video (socially distanced and masked, of course), and she had this instant feedback.

“The music is very nice and made me feel better—but there is zero truth to it.”

Give someone a small part, and suddenly they’re a critic—this is California, after all.

As many of you know, AB5 and COVID have decimated all of the arts in the State, but particularly live music and performance. So, if you like “The Covid Cure” it is available on all the streaming platforms: Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Youtube Music, and Deezer.

Buy it before it’s censored.

Finally, Matt Grippi did a TikTok video that has been making the rounds. In less than 2 minutes, it fully encapsulates why this State is screwed, and why Governor Gavin Newsom needs to go.


You see, if we don’t laugh, we’ll just cry. So we are very thankful for creative artists who find ways to keep their fellow Golden Staters sane.

Speaking of creative artists, check out the great cartoon by Jim Thompson Sports Art!

He’s a creative gun for hire if you need a spot-on and beautifully done illustration.

One bonus California parody. Chris Mann is a pretty fabulous singer, but he’s shown that he has a gift for comedy as well. Like Evan Wecksell, he misses the live audience experience, so this is how he’s been entertaining himself.


Final plug: Print it, sign it, share it, get this douche nozzle out of our government and out of our lives.


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