WATCH: FL Rep. Greg Steube Gives Floor Speech Opposing a Resolution Invoking the 25th Amendment


Florida Representative Greg Steube (R-17) lit up the House Floor last night to oppose the resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.


He rightly pointed out the hypocrisy and atrocities occurring on the House floor by trying to push legislation to prevent House members from carrying in the Capitol. This is particularly stark with the unrest that occurred last Wednesday. Yet, Speaker Pelosi is not focusing on how to prevent such unrest from happening again, but on limiting congressional members’ 2A rights.

Steube also points out the hypocrisy of trying to force a resolution on the 25th Amendment that the Vice President has already stated he would not sign. Steube rightly notes, “It is not Congress’s role to override him.”

Yet, here we are.

“Take note, America,” Steube says. “This is what we have to look forward to in a Joe Biden administration: If they can do it right here in the People’s house, they can do it across the Country.”

“But my Democratic colleagues will stop at nothing to remove this President even a week before his term expires.”

Rep. Steube was elected in 2018, and he lamented that his entire Congressional career has been spent on Impeachment, Russia Collusion, and the Ukraine letter.

Is this the best our House of Representatives can do?



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