Major Donations to The Recall Gavin Effort Means Newsom's Days as CA Governor Are Numbered

Major Donations to The Recall Gavin Effort Means Newsom's Days as CA Governor Are Numbered
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The Recall Gavin Newsom effort just received more cash infusions. How much? Enough to be a game changer that puts boots on the ground in order to get the less than 600,000 signatures needed to complete the Recall effort.

Thanks to contributions from Prov 3:9, LLC, and Sequoia Capital’s Douglas Leone and Patricia Perkins-Leone, it looks like the money for boots and advertising is now available.

After I wrote back in early December that conservative heavyweights Newt Gingrich and Governor Mike Huckabee threw their support behind the Recall, I also spotlighted the grassroots efforts of RecallGavin2020 that has already garnered 810,000 signatures. Those signatures are being certified as I write, and they make up more than half the 1,495,709 total signatures needed by March 2021 deadline.

“However, according to my sources, money and boots on the ground toward the effort is sorely needed. While the exposure by these political and media heavyweights will do much towards that, it is the citizens of California who must step up and get active.

“Mike Netter, Main Proponent for RecallGavin2020, wants to emphasize that this Recall:

‘is a bipartisan effort. There is one thing that is unifying Democrats and Republicans: Gavin Newsom. The success of this Recall will trigger and open a conversation on how California should be run.

‘Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine, Mickey Mouse, who’s not working in the State, either one could not do worse than Gavin Newsom.’


Anne Dunsmore of the political PAC Rescue California 2021 (which is also backing the Recall), emphasized that this is not a Red or Blue effort, but a citizen effort, and it needs to maintain that focus. Dunsmore told Fox News:

“ ‘I think it came to a head with the French Laundry. And that misstep on his part, made everybody more aware and more upset about the things that he had already done that were way off like the random closures, the random rolling blackouts … the extreme nature of some of the bills that he was signing, and the constant pulling over to the far-left,’ Dunsmore said.

“She noted that the ‘rising tide of upset’ Californians goes far back.

“ ‘Is that red tide or a blue tide? No, that’s a citizen tide,’ she said.”

Thanks to Prov 3:9, LLC’s $500,000 contribution, and the Leone’s roughly $100,000 infusion, the citizen tide can now whip into a major wave, and maybe even a tsunami.

Thomas A. Liu, who is listed as an Officer of Prov 3:9, LLC told Politico,

“ ‘We have our beliefs in terms of the direction the state needs to go, and we felt that this effort was worthy of our contribution.’ ”

Thanks to the engagement of committed California citizens, and now of concerned corporate partners, the Recall has taken on an inevitable air.

But in Governor Hair Gel’s mind, if you keep shutting down the state, you can kill the Recall. Yesterday, California’s Health Officer Dr. Mark Ghaly announced the extension of the current California lockdowns until… God knows when.

My colleague Scott Hounsell wrote:

“Now, more than 9 months later, we are still talking about staying home to protect the vulnerable and front-line healthcare workers.  The problem is, there’s literally zero science to back it up.  In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, California announced a month-long stay-at-home order to break the rising numbers of hospitalized cases as ICU cases rose.

“Now after more than a month of strict lockdown orders, in which we have lost hundreds if not thousands of more businesses, and sent people home for some of the most depressing holidays we have had in years.  Despite these mandates and lockdowns, ICU levels still rose anyway, which has now extended those stay-at-home orders for…. well…. we don’t really know how much longer.”

Newsom is not bothering to heed the advice from his Cali Cartel Consigliere, former Speaker and Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown. In his recent San Francisco Chronicle article, Brown urged Newsom to 1) lift the restrictions and get people back to normal life; 2) get the schools open, and 3) pin the blame on Trump.

Not going to happen on Nos. 1 and 2, and in Newsom’s last press conference before the holidays, he attempted No. 3 without success. Newsom is still under the delusion that he can smile and gaslight, while Californians flee the state or die on the vine.

Some of us are neither fleeing or dying, but fighting back.

Newsom’s days are numbered.

To volunteer or financially contribute to the Recall efforts visit

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