Because "Science": California Lockdowns Extended... Until When Exactly?

Because "Science":  California Lockdowns Extended... Until When Exactly?
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With all of the exact science that is coming out of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been told not to wear masks because they do nothing, then to wear them because they save the lives of others, and well, now we are supposed to wear them because they are effective to protect us.  Even AFTER people receive the vaccine, which will make them 90+% immune to the virus, they too will have to wear masks.  Additionally, those who have already had COVID-19 will also need the virus.  In other words, those who have the antibodies will somehow need more antibodies.  We were told we could still transmit the virus even if we weren’t sick, which now appears to not be science at all.

Also born from the COVID “science” was the “two weeks to flatten the curve” mantra, in which if we all just stayed home, we would let hospitals catch up and it would allow for us all to get back to our lives sooner.

Except it didn’t work.  Now, more than 9 months later, we are still talking about staying home to protect the vulnerable and front-line healthcare workers.  The problem is, there’s literally zero science to back it up.  In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, California announced a month-long stay-at-home order to break the rising numbers of hospitalized cases as ICU cases rose.

Now after more than a month of strict lockdown orders, in which we have lost hundreds if not thousands of more businesses, and sent people home for some of the most depressing holidays we have had in years.  Despite these mandates and lockdowns, ICU levels still rose anyway, which has now extended those stay-at-home orders for…. well…. we don’t really know how much longer.

Now again, if lockdowns were effective, we would have seen a drop in ICU rates, not a rise in them.  If there was a rise, the fall should have begun about two weeks after the initial spike, as people have been home to prevent the spread.  Further science has also stated that the majority of people who have died from COVID-19 or related complications have also suffered from a Vitamin D deficiency, which can happen because someone has been inside and not exposed to a natural source of Vitamin D, the sun.

It just doesn’t make sense at this point to continue these lockdowns as states with lockdowns do not have any lower of a transmission rate than does that of states without lockdowns.

It seems more and more that science is simply their tool for manipulation, rather than a means of proving the need for their draconian measures, which most of the time, the leaders don’t follow anyway.

Anyway, back to compliance with “science” guys!

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