California's Vote Fraud Tactics Have Gone National and We're Seeing it in This Presidential Election

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California Governor Gavin Newsom likes to say, “California leads the way,” and that is not always a good thing. In fact, when we hear it, we check our purses and pockets to ensure our money is still there.


Where California has indeed lead the way is in the chaos of this Presidential Election. I have lived in California for 32 years, so I have had a front row seat in watching it unfold locally to help create a one-party dictatorship. All the fraud, malfeasance, and creative ballot counting was gestated, birthed, and raised in the not-so-great State of California.

Tomi Lahren was in California for a time before she departed to a red state, and she confirms that, “None of this is a coincidence.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the National face of what I call the “San Francisco Cabal”. So many of the bad policies that have been implemented in the state, and in the nation were spawned from this political class. While Pelosi has been the national face, she’s getting old; which is why they want Kamala Harris as Vice President President, so she can carry on the family business. Trust me, there are several of our evil San Francisco legislators lined up to ride her coattails; one of them is Governor Gavin Newsom. So be afraid, be very afraid.

Part of the battle over the CARES Act funding were the “gimmes” that Pelosi demanded in order to agree to the package. Two of those gimmes were funding for 1) Universal Mail-in Voting and  2) Legalized Ballot Harvesting.


Many of the writers here at RedState have pointed out the failure of these systems even before anyone had cast a vote.

Scott Hounsell talked about the dirty voter rolls of California which allows people to receive duplicate ballots or ballots where they no longer live:

“The former Acting Director of National Intelligence and general bulldog, Ric Grenell is calling for an investigation into Gavin Newsom’s election interference, after it was revealed that ballots have been mailed to dead residents, residents who had moved, and duplicate ballots across the state of California.”

I wrote about Ballot Harvesting and the sketchy change of election procedures that occurred just before the election. Sound familiar? They changed the election rules in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan just before the election:

“Ballot harvesting is legal in California, and the reading of the rules governing the election and distribution of ballot return boxes is, shall we say, sketchy at best. Something else that is sketchy is the 14 new “emergency” regulations Padilla issued for the November general election.”.

Brad Slager wrote about the Living Dead in Florida:

“In Broward County, this place of legendary election foibles and corruption for generations, a new revelation has arisen that proves out that the regular voting anxiety here is justified. The local paper, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel broke the news, following their investigation into the fraud taking place in Broward. Over fifty new voter applications had been requested by an out of state operative, with nearly two-thirds of the names belonging to deceased individuals.”


We have seen how this brings chaos for individual states—think Florida in 2000 and 2018. We are now seeing it on a grand scale, thanks to the California Democrat brain trust.

It is not only destroying the Presidential election, but all the down ballot races that hang in the balance. Curious that it is Republican Senate candidates like John James, and incumbent Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler who are being affected by the delayed Michigan and Georgia counts.

It’s all by design, and it’s all compliments of California.


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