Voting Fraud Plot Uncovered in Major Florida County to Register Dead Voters for Democrats

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This type of thing NEVER happens, yet again.

It has long been a running joke in certain areas that the amount of dead people voting can swing an election. Florida in general, and South Florida in particular, are places where this long standing gag has a measure of merit and now we are being delivered news that ensures it will remain a topic of conversation.


In Broward County, this place of legendary election foibles and corruption for generations, a new revelation has arisen that proves out that the regular voting anxiety here is justified. The local paper, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel broke the news, following their investigation into the fraud taking place in Broward. Over fifty new voter applications had been requested by an out of state operative, with nearly two-thirds of the names belonging to deceased individuals. 

The revelation came about when a local resident had been mailed three voter ID cards. The paper inquired to the Broward Elections office who then confirmed that this was part of a larger scam that had been undertaken this summer. The authorities say that no mail-in ballots had been sent out yet. The county State Attorney’s Office was alerted to the scheme and have been monitoring the situation since August. 

Broward Elections Supervisor Pete Antonocci described it as ‘’a scheme to either undermine the Florida registration system with fake voters, or intended to vote 50 times.” This spells out both the susceptibility of the voting system to fraud of this nature, but also could illustrate the desperation the Democrats are experiencing in the state.


It reveals much that this plot was taking place in Broward County, a deeply blue area. For there to be a need felt to execute this type of voter fraud in a county that should be regarded as a lock for Democrats means there is either a sense of desperation or the feeling that as entrenched as their vote is here it was likely to have been overlooked. 

Considering the steps taken to defraud the voting rolls it also exposes the vulnerability of the system. There is clearly a lag between notification of a deceased voter and having that name flagged as such in the network. “It would have been another layer of fraudulent activity in order for them to vote,” said one Broward elections supervisor. 

The individual who received the ID cards is a registered Republican, and upon their delivery he undertook his own research, discovering in fact that all three names belonged to deceased individuals. He contacted one person who acknowledged that one name was that of his recently passed mother, who formerly resided in Naples, on Florida’s Gulf coast. One of the other names was of a person who recently died in Connecticut. 


Antonocci acknowledges that there is in fact a notable time differential when it comes to having these names correctly vetted in the voting rolls. The person who was behind this scam was certainly aware of this detail and tried to take advantage. “With determination, you can muscle your way in,” said the supervisor.

So as it always goes there are the usual games being played in this county, with the usual players from the Democratic Party involved. And of course it will lead to the usual response that these things never happen, they are the pure creation of Republican hysterics.


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