Jemele Hill and Roland Martin Blame and Shame Black Men for a Trump Re-election

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FILE – This June 22, 2016 file photo shows Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson at the season three premiere of the STARZ drama “Power” in New York. A federal judge has discharged rapper 50 Cent’s bankruptcy case after he paid more than $22 million. Bankruptcy Judge Ann Nevins approved the discharge Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017, in Hartford, Conn. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File)


Lord, have mercy! Ice Cube must have sent one of those racist dog whistles to Artist, Rapper, and Producer 50 Cent, because now he’s run off the reservation.

“Fiddy”, just endorsed Donald Trump for President.

“50 Cent has gone on the record to diss Donald Trump in the past, calling out his response to the COVID-19 pandemic several months ago. “You wanted a reality show host as president,” said Fif. ‘Well now you’re on Survivor.’

“It seems that, despite how he personally feels about Trump, he will still be casting a vote for the Republican candidate, as per his latest post on Instagram.”

This was after 50 Cent compared Biden’s Tax Plan to the current Trump one.

It’s amazing how the perspective changes when money is on the line.

Hot on the case, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson tweeted out the above article with a nice play on words:

“Fiddy” acknowledged that this was indeed the case. And mic drop to Revel, one of Fiddy’s followers, who crystalized the economic lesson:


I know, right?! Fiddy’s argument is the same as Cube’s argument: which political party is actually providing economic empowerment and not just giving lip service?

So far it’s Trump = 2, Biden = 0.

The “Coon Alert” memo immediately circulated. Roland Martin was first out the gate, expressing his outrage that 50 Cent could be such a sellout, and peddling the falsehood that only people making $400,000 a year would be affected by Joe Biden’s tax plan.

In this age of COVID, when the economic viability for Blacks, especially lower-income Blacks gets bleaker, you would think Martin would be a bit more open to a conversation on which political partnership would best bring Black economic empowerment. The “feel free to ignore this endorsement” is the kicker. Who made Roland Martin god and king over the Blacksphere? I always find it interesting when people try to tell other people what they should be thinking. But, this is the media in general right now.

The next two weeks will be popcorn-smacking, head imploding, bat guano crazy, and the ones bringing it will be the woke progressive intelligentsia. Which takes us to Jemele Hill, The Atlantic writer who sees racism under every rock. She was not about to be outdone by Roland Martin, and tweeted out her misanthropic hot take.


Better access to patriarchy? You mean like you have, Ms. Hill? It has been reported that Hill made over $1 million while at ESPN, and has a total net worth of $4 million. Now that she is at The Atlantic and with the book deals, she more than likely earning more.

The Atlantic has a vested interest in a Joe Biden win from their coverage (remember “Losergate”?) to the zine’s owner, philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs being a Democrat megadonor, to Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg leading the “Hillary for President” parade in 2016.

“The Atlantic Magazine could hardly be more in the tank for Biden and the Democrats.  Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, who wrote the piece, engineered The Atlantic’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2016 — only the third time EVER that the magazine has issued an endorsement in a Presidential election — that covers a span of 162 years since it was first published in November 1857.”

But please, Jemele, tell us more about dismantling the patriarchy.

Uncle Hotep took to YouTube to call out this new media narrative: If Trump wins re-election, it’s the Black man’s fault.

“But this is crazy, we’re about to get blamed for this once again. But we called it. WE called it. It’s sickening.”

Uncle Hotep read from the tweets of another woke academic, Brittany Cooper, who was having her own personal crisis about Ice Cube’s partnership in the Trump Platinum Plan, and 50 Cent’s Trump endorsement.


Uncle Hotep spoke to his confusion about why this is the hill Black women wish to die upon.

“I don’t understand putting all your eggs in a Joe Biden basket. He’s going to try to hide until election day. I don’t know if it’s gone work.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but the last time I checked, Joe Biden was a white man. And nothing better represents the “patriarchy” than 47 years in politics. It is the textbook definition of “disconnect” to only bring up the patriarchy when someone supports Republicans or right-leaning causes or institutions.

So how is a vote for Joe Biden not a vote for the continuance of the patriarchy?

But, I digress.

Both Ice Cube and 50 Cent are focused on economic empowerment, whether it is learning to attain it, or keeping and growing what you already have. This is a status that has been sorely lacking in the majority of the Black community. If re-elected, Trump has promised to make tangible strides to see that change. His track record over the past three and a half years of historically low Black unemployment (pre-COVID), creation of opportunity zone districts, support of historically Black colleges, and prison reform through the First Step Act reflects that he is well in line to keeping that promise.


Compare four years of Donald Trump to 50-plus years of Black men voting Democrat. Aside from the first Black President, what exactly has it produced?

Uncle Hotep exposes the end result of these incredibly stupid takes.

“If all you get out of this is no more Trump, you’ve lost. You’ve done nothing. And you’ll get nothing. If there’s any time to hold the Democrats accountable for policies that will help African Americans, the Acatas, the Shine, it’s NOW.

“Ya’ll just want to give this leverage away.”



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