New York Times Video Savages Progressive 'Luxury Beliefs'

AP Photo/Andres Kudacki

It may come as a surprise to find out that The New York Times published a video criticizing progressives. It might be even more shocking to find that the video 100 percent nailed the problem with far leftist thought – especially when it comes to “marginalized communities.

Author Rob Henderson discussed one of the biggest flaws with how progressive approach problems in a video titled “When Progressive Ideals Become a Luxury,” in which he highlights the problems with “luxury beliefs.”

He defines these beliefs as “ideas held by privileged people that make them look good but actually harm the marginalized” and characterizes them as “virtue signaling with consequences.”

As an example, Henderson points to the Defund the Police movement that cropped up during the George Floyd protests. Far leftists across the country exploited the murder of George Floyd to pressure cities to cut spending allocated for law enforcement with the aim of having fewer police officers patrolling the streets.

“That cause was most supported by the wealthiest Americans. It was least supported by poor Americans who are at least twice as likely to be victims of violent crime compared to the middle class. Where I grew up, we were lucky there were police to call.”

He also discussed those seeking to decriminalize drugs.

“That movement has been most supported by well-educated Americans, less so by those without a college degree who are more likely to experience the downsides of the drug trade. My mom once tied me to a chair with a belt while she got high, and it's not just me. Since 2000, the number of foster kids has doubled due to parental drug use.”

Henderson also brings up those seeking to “Get rid of the SAT,” noting that SAT scores “help underprivileged kids get into college.”

I’ll give one of my own: The pro-Hamas protests that began after October 7 when the terrorist group launched a bloody surprise attack on Israel. Those advocating against Israel accuse its government of oppressing Palestinians while completely ignoring the fact that Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization have ruthlessly persecuted and subjugated residents living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Yet, these people claim to be fighting for the Palestinian people.

There is also the aggressive opposition to school choice for black and brown families. Progressives insist that the government is the best entity to decide where and how children are educated, not their parents. This despite the fact that the vast majority of racial minorities desire more choices in their kids’ education.

Henderson explains that while “it’s great that people with privilege care about injustice,” “Too many of these people don’t know what they’re protesting.”

“Luxury belief activists turn causes into props that transfer attention to where students really want it: on themselves,” the author said.

The reality that Henderson highlights is that these progressive activists advocate for causes that cause more harm to the communities they claim to champion without ever having to face the consequences of these policies. Those who wanted to defund the police do not have to deal with the violent crime that skyrocketed in the aftermath. They don’t have to worry about choosing where their kids are educated. These folks will never have to face the type of brutality Hamas metes out on Palestinians.

Yet, they still advocate for destructive policies. Much of this is because they are woefully out of touch with how regular folks live – even the ones who are well-meaning. Years ago, I was in Austin, covering one of the George Floyd protests. I had a conversation with a very young white progressive girl who has probably never met a regular black person.

She proceeded to lecture me about why the police should be defunded and reduced. She held to this position even after I told her most black people want police patrolling their neighborhoods. As someone who is highly critical of corrupt police, I still recognize that our communities need some type of law enforcement apparatus.

This young girl probably believed with all of her bleeding heart that she was fighting for folks who look like me. In reality, she was fighting for our destruction. This person would likely support anti-gunner laws that would disarm folks like myself, making us more vulnerable to criminal elements. Again, she will likely never have to deal with the type of violent crime that far too many black and brown people experience.

However, fighting for these wayward causes makes these people feel virtuous. They feel as if they are fighting for something larger than themselves. Participating in these movements gives them something to boast about on social media. But, in the end, they are doing nothing more than contributing to the problem, playing useful idiots for those who benefit from holding a sizeable portion of our population back.



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