Here's How Biden's Troubles Exposed the Press for What It Is

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President Joe Biden continues to have a rough go of it after his poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump. It has been over a week since the debate, and members of the chattering class are still a-chattering about it.

There is now a rift in the Democratic Party between high-profile leftists calling for him to drop out of the race and others insisting that he is still the best chance of defeating the Orange Man What Is Bad™ in November.

Ever since the debate, Team Biden has been trying to reassure the nation that he is not an elderly dude showing symptoms of dementia. The president recently sat down with Democrat shill George Stephanopoulos to explain why he performed so badly. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

The president even went so far as to explain that one of the reasons why he struggled to make his point and counter his opponents was because Trump threw him off with his supposed shouting. That didn’t work either.

Biden even met with Democratic governors to assuage their concerns over his candidacy. The governors came out of the meeting doing their level best to keep a straight face while telling the American people that everything is hunky dory in Bidenland. That also did not work.

Even the activist media has largely turned on their president. The day after the debate, I wrote about several reports and op-eds, in which left-wing media floated the idea of replacing the president as the nominee.

The media’s about-face on Biden’s age issues has prompted an important question: Why now?

The post continues:

Their media outlets staffed with "experts" merely parrot whatever talking points they're given by their sources in government. Thus, the vast majority of the left was truly shocked by Biden's obvious deterioration.  

That SHOULD make them question their information sources, biases, and their trust in the "experts."

Instead, after Obama sent out the official talking points the next day, they all fell right back in line.

Nothing learned. Fascinating to watch.

The signs of the president’s cognitive decline have been on full display since the 2020 campaign. Yet, the press is just now treating it as a serious issue. Sure, there were reports about voters being concerned about Biden’s age – but there was no sense of questioning or curiosity about the matter.

RedState’s Joe Cunningham wrote an op-ed specifically about the lack of curiosity among members of the media.

The media has been able to observe it, too. They, like all of us, have eyes and ears. They have seen the same interviews, press conferences, and public appearances we have. They have they actual tapes of them. But what they don’t have, what they haven’t had since 2020 - when Biden was running a basement campaign that minimized his public appearances under the pretense of “COVID mitigation” - is any sort of curiosity into how bad the situation is.

Journalists in the mainstream press today will insist that the White House was lying and gaslighting and that they were caught just as unawares as the rest of the country. But it’s impossible to look at the evidence and think that there were really no signs a curious and aggressive press could have picked up on. For God’s sake, they turned “covfefe” into a news cycle complete with medical professionals and armchair diagnoses.

Cunningham hammered this point home by pointing out that the press “was not fooled,” and that they “were complicit in their silence, and they chose not to engage with the possibility that Biden was rapidly in decline.”

They chose to look away from it and ignore it, just hoping Biden could make it through this year, beat Trump, and then everyone could worry about Biden’s health afterward.

This is 100 percent spot on. The media knew exactly what was happening with the president and chose to downplay it. But this is more than just a lack of curiosity – it is blatant dishonesty. Our once-vaunted Fourth Estate’s curiosity deficit was motivated by a desire to deceive the public into believing that Biden’s issues weren’t that serious. Indeed, The Associated Press is still trotting out this narrative.

The reality is that this issue, even more than many others, is a definitive display of just how deceitful our mainstream media has become. They outright covered up the president’s condition because they want him to win the election in November.

Do we even need to ask what their reaction would have been if Trump had exhibited the same symptoms?

Of course, we don’t.

The media was not somehow taken by surprise when Biden failed to deliver a coherent performance during the debate. It seems more likely that they expected this very outcome and had their fingers crossed, hoping for a miracle on the night of the proceedings. Now, the issue is far too obvious for them to continue lying about it.

What is interesting is that the media appears to also have a bit of a rift going on. While many high-profile outlets are clearly in the “Get Biden’s Decrepit Butt Outta Here” camp, others have expressed doubts about taking this gambit.

But isn’t that the problem? The media shouldn’t be in either camp – it should simply be reporting on what’s happening. The welfare of the Democratic Party should not even figure into how they cover the president and his issues. Yet, it clearly does.

However, even this debacle isn’t going to get members of the press to do some self-reflection and consider doing actual journalism. The best we can hope for is that more Americans finally catch on to the reality that the media isn’t trying to inform them, but influence them.


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