Trump Campaign and RNC Donation Websites Crash After NYC Guilty Verdict

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Moments after the jury convicted former President Donald Trump for supposedly falsifying business records, both his campaign donation site and the Republican National Committee's donation page crashed. The verdict appears to have sparked a massive response from his supporters, who rushed to donate.


Several users on social media announced that the pages went down shortly after the verdict was handed down. Since that time, the sites have been online intermittently.

Dilbert creator and political commentator Scott Adams highlighted the development, explaining that he had “just donated to Trump” and stressed that “This is the hill to die on,” which likely encapsulates the attitudes of many who see that the effort to prosecute him was motivated purely by political concerns.

The jury handed in the verdict on Thursday after 11 hours of deliberating.

After six weeks of trial in Manhattan, the jury has returned its verdict against former President Donald Trump for falsifying business records regarding payments made to reimburse Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, for money Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels in October 2016 in exchange for a non-disclosure agreement. Following roughly 11 hours of deliberation (and after initially signaling they were going home for the day on Thursday), the jury of seven men and five women found the former president guilty on all 34 charges.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg first filed the charges in March of 2023, a move that drew sharp criticism given that both his predecessor and federal authorities had declined to pursue the matter. Additionally, in order to get around the statute of limitations on what would typically be misdemeanor charges, Bragg attempted to elevate the charges to felonies by asserting that the purported falsifications were done in furtherance of or to conceal another crime. What that other crime was remained nebulous both before and during the trial, but it eventually was revealed to be a violation of New York state election law.

Ahead of the trial, Judge Juan Merchan made several rulings in favor of the prosecution regarding witnesses who would be allowed to testify and evidence that would be allowed in. Further, the Trump legal team’s requests to postpone the trial were denied.


If this development is any indication, Trump’s campaign will be raking in oodles of cash from people incensed at the Democrats’ naked effort to weaponize the justice system against their political opponent. The donations will increase even more rapidly if the former president ends up having to serve jail time – even if it is only for a few days.

Prosecuting Trump was always a gamble on the part of Democrats. But if this is any indication, they will soon regret this particular strategy.

Editor's Note: This article was edited post-publication for clarity.


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