The Government Monitoring 'Moms for Liberty' Should Terrify Us All

Townhall Media

The Department of Justice has been monitoring parental rights advocacy group “Moms for Liberty,” according to a report. The agency has tracked the organization in the same way it monitors actual hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

I’ll get to the point: This blatant weaponization of government is absolutely terrifying.

A FOIA request filed on by America First Legal (AFL) on behalf of the Daily Wire revealed that the DOJ’s Community Relations Service (CRS) was monitoring Moms for Liberty, according to internal documents:

The CRS is tasked with “preventing and responding to community tensions and hate crimes, bias, bullying, and discrimination,” and tracked Moms for Liberty though Google and LexisNexis alerts. The Daily Wire reported that the DOJ initially tried to keep these documents hidden by ignoring a FOIA request but were ultimately forced to thanks to a lawsuit by America First Legal.

Despite efforts to figure out why the DOJ decided it needed to track Moms for Liberty like it does the KKK, the DOJ is staying mum so far, but a pattern has been deduced thanks to the emails:

[Daily Wire] It appears to have used its tracking of Moms for Liberty to identify school boards considering enacting conservative-leaning education policy. It then pressured school boards to defer to the DOJ to resolve the differences of opinion between duly-elected conservative officials and leftist activists, instead of enacting platforms they won elections on.

The Daily Wire obtained emails from DOJ-CRS “Conciliation Specialist” Hannah Levine. The emails suggest that she did little other than track supposed “hate” by setting up Google Alerts and LexisNexis alerts for keywords. For example, she scoured the news for articles that said “washington, dc n-word” and “washington, dc confederate flag.”

CRS, after discovering an article about Virginia’s Education Department enacting policies for transgender students, reached out to the agency asking if it “might be able to offer support and services as you work to manage conflict within the community” related to backlash against the policies.

This revelation is reminiscent of the DOJ’s collusion with the National School Board Association to label parents concerned about political ideology in the classroom as “domestic terrorists.” When it was revealed that the agency was being asked to crack down on parents speaking out at school board and city council meetings, a fiery backlash ensued, which prompted the DOJ to take a step back.

Nevertheless, this did not stop the DOJ from being used as a political weapon against regular folks. The DOJ and FBI have specifically targeted people for their pro-life views and other issues. The fact is that the Biden administration has displayed no qualms about using its power to target American individuals and organizations for their politics, a reality that should raise more than a few eyebrows.

It seems all they have to do is pretend that a particular organization is a "hate" group and they can target people whose views do not align with the left. We have already seen this with the FBI's collaboration with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which exists to falsely label conservatives as hateful terrorists. Indeed, when it was revealed that the FBI had begun targeting traditional Catholic churches, people found out the Bureau had relied largely on false information published by the organization.

Of course, this story will likely not make it to mainstream legacy media outlets that claim their role is to speak truth to power. As long as the government is going after organizations that work against the progressive agenda, they won’t have much to say about it.

Nevertheless, it is becoming more apparent that the government is increasingly being used as a weapon against right-leaning organizations and individuals. If they are willing to monitor an organization like Moms for Liberty, who else could they possibly be surveilling without our knowledge?


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