Southern Poverty Law Center Met With Biden Six Times. What Did They Discuss?

Southern Poverty Law Center

Members of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have had frequent visits to the Biden White House, raising concerns about collaboration between the federal government and a radical organization. White House records reveal that SPLC members have met with President Biden and his cabinet officials on multiple occasions, suggesting a close relationship in targeting so-called “hate groups.”


The news comes amid concerns about the SPLC’s seemingly cozy relationship with the FBI and other federal agencies:

Staff and leadership at the radical Southern Poverty Law Center have frequently visited the Biden White House, according to White House visitor logs. Collaboration between the federal government and the SPLC should alarm Americans as the federal government ramps its weaponization of domestic law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

White House records show that members of the SPLC have visited the White House at least 11 times over the short span of three years. These meetings mostly involved Biden himself, referred to as “POTUS”—an acronym for “president of the United States”—and typically featured officials from his Cabinet. These frequent consultations indicate that the Left and the Biden administration continue to collaborate closely in the hunt for so-called hate groups.

The president’s meetings with members of the SPLC are concerning, given the organization’s sordid history of falsely labeling mainstream conservative and Christian groups as “hate groups.” On at least two occasions, the group’s lies have led to violence:


SPLC advocacy has been associated with several violent conflicts on the national stage, including but not limited to a physical assault on American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray. Prior to the attack, the SPLC frivolously labeled Murray a “white nationalist,” isolating him as a target for extreme leftist groups. As a result, a mob physically assaulted Murray and severely injured one of his colleagues.

Similarly, a gunman confessed that the SPLC’s “hate map” inspired him orchestrate a shooting of the Family Research Council headquarters in 2012. A security guard heroically apprehended the gunman but got shot in the process. Despite these events, to date, the SPLC has kept FRC on its “hate map.”

The group recently labeled parental rights advocacy nonprofit Moms for Liberty as a hate group, placing it on a list also occupied by the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi organizations. Still, the Biden administration continues to work with them, raising concerns about future domestic policies.

The SPLC was originally created with noble intentions. It worked to protect the rights of racial minorities being targeted by the government. But now, it is nothing more than a far-leftist propaganda mill working to advance an authoritarian leftist agenda. It is for this reason that the group is willing to deceptively smear mainstream conservative organizations and individuals as hate groups. These folks understand that, for some reason, their words carry weight, which means that placing this label on groups like Moms for Liberty makes it easier for leftist news outlets to propagandize against them. It is also not difficult to imagine that the group could inspire violence against members of the group as it has in the past. But perhaps that is what these people want.



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