Larry Hogan Proclaims His Stance on Abortion As Maryland's Senate Race Kicks Off

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Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who recently won the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, has come out as pro-choice and indicated that, if elected, he would vote to protect abortion. The move comes as he prepares to take on his Democratic opponent, Angela Alsobrooks.


During an interview with The New York Times, Hogan said he supports “restoring Roe as the law of the land” and that he will “continue to protect the rights of women to make their own reproductive choices just like I did as governor for eight years.”

The former governor said he believes “women should have the right to make their own decisions about their own bodies.”

In a post on X, Hogan reaffirmed his support for abortion.

As governor, I protected the rights of Maryland women to make their own reproductive health decisions. I will do the same in the Senate by restoring Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. No one should come between a woman and her doctor.

However, despite his proclaimed support for abortion, his record might cause some in the state to doubt his sincerity.

In 2022, when he was governor, Hogan vetoed a state law to widen access to the procedure. After his veto was overridden, he withheld $3.5 million state lawmakers had set aside to train new providers.

In their efforts to defeat Hogan, Democrats are likely to try to tie Hogan to the national Republican Party's stance on abortion.


Nevertheless, Hogan has been known for positioning himself as a moderate on social issues, which could help him appeal to more centrist voters even if it results in criticism from conservative Republicans.

Alsobrooks attempted to cast doubt on Hogan’s stance on abortion, saying he might not be as supportive of the procedure as he wants voters to believe. She told reporters that Hogan “will not support a national law to protect abortion rights” and “will not oppose anti-choice judges, including nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

In a video posted on X, she argued that the former governor “has already shown us and told us he is not going to protect abortion rights.”

Maryland’s Senate race is already shaping up to be a competitive affair. Some view it as a chance for Republicans to flip a seat in a blue state.

Because the road to Senate control may run through Maryland, the Democrat-compliant mainstream media's talking points have already gone out, with Politico, for example, proclaiming that Hogan "is standing between Alsobrooks and history" (Alsobrooks is black):

The headline has been updated since to read "Angela Alsobrooks won a messy Senate primary. Now she takes on Larry Hogan." The fretting about Senate control was also apparent:

Republicans haven’t won a Senate seat in the deep-blue state in more than four decades, but Hogan’s presence turns a normally safe seat into a competitive battleground that will siphon crucial party resources. That could affect Democrats’ attempt to maintain their tenuous control of the Senate, as every dollar spent in Maryland is one not spent defending vulnerable incumbents in several other key states.


If Hogan can defeat Alsobrooks, it could help Republicans win control of the legislature — assuming they can hold on to the House.


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