Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down Senate Cafeteria, Capitol Police Make 50 Arrests

November 5, 2023, pro-Hamas protest in Thousand Oaks, CA. (Credit: Townhall Media)

In yet another raucous display, a group of anti-Israel protesters marched into the Senate cafeteria on Tuesday to demonstrate against U.S. support of the Jewish state in its war against Hamas in Gaza. The incident is the latest in a series of protests and rallies staged by anti-Israel and pro-Hamas activists arguing against Israel’s effort to eliminate the terrorist group.


The demonstrations resulted in the arrests of 50 people. The activists strode through the building, yelling chants such as “Senate can’t eat until Gaza eats” and “Children are starving in Gaza.” One woman can be seen on video footage wearing a shirt that reads: “Biden’s legacy = Genocide.”

This demonstration is part of a broader wave of activism that has taken place in the United States since Hamas launched their surprise attack on Israel on October 7, killing over 1,100 people. The protests have occurred in government buildings, universities, and even in the streets. Last Thursday, pro-Hamas students disrupted a town hall meeting at Rutgers University, an act that intimidated Jewish students in attendance.

The town hall, which was hosted by the Rutgers University Student Assembly, was disrupted by anti-Israel protesters who shouted pro-Hamas slogans. Their actions interrupted the meeting and stirred fear among Jewish students in attendance.

A group of “out of control” pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted a town hall at Rutgers University on Thursday, shouting anti-Israel slogans like “one solution, intifada revolution” and forcing officials to end the meeting early as they and Jewish students were ushered out by police, a student told Fox News Digital this weekend.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, said Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway and administrators “ran away,” “leaving behind the Jewish/pro-Israel students to deal with an unruly and obviously antisemitic crowd, whose attention turned to the Jews after the administration left.”

They said police then ushered students out the back door because it was too dangerous to exit the front door.

Cory Rothbort, an attorney with Mazie Slater & Freeman, who is representing student Rivka Schafer along with another student, called it a “horrifying experience” for the Jews in attendance.

Rothbort said the Jewish students had gone to the town hall to “get some answers from President Holloway, they wanted to know what he was going to do to help protect them on campus, and instead they were met with the very same conduct that they were looking for protection from.”

Video Schafer took of the town hall shows pro-Palestinian protesters begin chanting after Holloway said the school will not be severing ties with Tel Aviv University, a school with which it has a relationship.


Anti-Israel progressives have been vocal in their condemnations of the Biden administration over his perceived leniency on the Jewish state as it seeks to eradicate the threat posed by Hamas. The demonstrators have insisted that the United States stop sending military aid to Israel and put more pressure on its government to cease its offensive against the terrorist regime in Gaza.


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