'Things Will Happen': Massachusetts Governor Calls Illegal Immigrant Raping Teenage Girl 'Unfortunate'

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As the border crisis continues to worsen, it almost seems like each week brings another tragedy to light illustrating the impact that the problem is having on American citizens. Just weeks after the murder of Laken Riley at the hands of an illegal immigrant, another story out of Massachusetts has people wondering when the government will finally do something about the problem at the southern border.


A Haitian migrant was arrested for raping a 15-year-old girl at one of the hotels being used to shelter illegal immigrants and asylum seekers coming over the border. Gov. Maura Healey, a Democrat, chimed in on the situation, and her comment reflected a disturbing level of callousness about the story.

When asked by a reporter about the incident, Healey called it "unfortunate," indicating that “from time to time, things will happen.”

The governor also indicated that what happened to the victim “is exactly why the federal government needs to act.”

Imagine how this would have gone if a Republican governor had given a similar response to a child perishing in a school shooting. Democrats and other anti-gunners would be wailing about it for weeks. But when it involves an illegal immigrant, we get nothing but a chorus of crickets coming from progressives.

Healey’s remarks generated a wave of criticism on social media and elsewhere. Former senator Kelly Ayotte, who is running for governor in New Hampshire, wrote a post on X, formerly Twitter, savaging the governor for her comments.

Maura Healey should be ashamed of herself.

Unfortunately, @JoyceCraigNH agrees with her Massachusetts mentor’s dangerous sanctuary policies and would bring this crisis to New Hampshire.

Craig needs to denounce Healey’s endorsement and condemn sanctuary policies.


News of the rape came to light on March 15, when the suspect was arrested for the crime.

A man who lives at a hotel housing migrant families in Rockland is charged with the rape of a child.

Cory Alvarez, 26, pleaded not guilty in Hingham District Court on one count of aggravated rape of a child. He is being held in jail ahead of a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Friday.

A U.S. Department of Homeland Security source confirmed to the Herald that they had placed an immigration detainer on Alvarez.

State Representative David DeCoste, who represents Rockland, said in a statement, “I am absolutely appalled by the incident that took place in Rockland today. Above all, my heartfelt sympathies extend to the young girl who has reportedly been subjected to abuse. The Commonwealth has failed this young girl.”

Rockland Police responded to the Comfort Inn at 850 Hingham St., where Alvarez lives, for a report of a sexual assault Tuesday a little after 7 p.m., according to the Plymouth District Attorney’s office. That hotel is part of the federal and state program to house migrant families, according to prosecutors.

The police say the 15-year-old girl who Alvarez alleged raped was taken to South Shore Hospital for treatment.


This is one of many who have fallen victim to the White House’s failure to get the border crisis under control. It has allowed violent criminals to enter the country without being vetted due to Border Patrol being stretched thin. It has created multiple problems for the country.

The situation at the southern border has not shown any signs of abating, as those seeking to enter the country illegally find new ways to subvert the authorities. Even further, the constant influx of illegals and asylum seekers has brought with it concerns over violent extremists taking advantage of the situation by smuggling their operatives over the border.

All in all, the border crisis is wreaking havoc on Americans in all parts of the country, and neither the White House nor Congress seems prepared to take decisive action to deal with the issue.



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