Taylor Lorenz Whines About Missing Christmas, Blames the Unmasked

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When it comes to the COVID-19 hysteria, it appears most people have moved on. But others can’t seem to let the pandemic go. Washington Post media activist Taylor Lorenz is one of the latter. Since it became clear that the coronavirus was no longer a threat, she has been insisting that the rest of the nation should still go through mask and vaccine mandates and take precautions to keep people like her safe.


The alleged reporter has even taken to portraying herself as “disabled” because she supposedly is still vulnerable to the virus. On Saturday, she replied to a user on Threads claiming that she is missing the fourth Christmas in a row because her friends and family refuse to mask up, meaning that she cannot enjoy the festivities.

Totally agree with you on the mitigation advice, but I very much judge anyone who participates in the social murder of disabled people just because it's 'the holidays.' Many of us who are high risk are missing our FOURTH Christmas because other selfish people can't be bothered to mask and take basic precautions that allow us to safely participate in public life. They don't feel enough shame and judgement imo, instead infection has been fully normalized.

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Earlier in July, Lorenz wrote a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, whining because people had moved on from the pandemic and were no longer ensconced in the COVID hysteria. She claimed people believe that disabled people “should shut up and die already” and called out leftist influencers for “spouting COVID takes that are farther right and more extreme than Trump.”


Lorenz has exhibited this type of entitled behavior for years. In this case, she seems to authentically believe that the rest of the nation should bend over backward to make people like her feel safe. The notion that she thinks everyone else should be living under the same conditions as we did when the pandemic first started is about as obnoxious as it gets, especially considering that the precautions and restrictions that were foisted on the populace were never necessary in the first place.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Lorenz has no power to impose any of these restrictions. If she wants to miss Christmas again, that is certainly her prerogative. But if she wants to live in COVID-land, she will likely have to wait until the next pandemic hits.



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