WATCH: New York City Police Arrest Two Pro-Hamas Agitators for Tearing Down Posters of Israeli Victims

AP Photo/John Minchillo

We can file this one under “Let’s See More of This, Please.” Amid national debate over the Israel/Hamas war, those supporting the terrorist group have resorted to some egregious behavior in attacking the other side.


In various cities, Israel supporters have been putting up posters and flyers in various locations depicting missing victims of Hamas’ October 7 attack in which they killed over 1,400 Israelis and took others as hostages.

Apparently, this didn’t sit right with the anti-Israel crowd, which desperately wants to cover up for the atrocities Hamas has committed. The result is several new stories surfacing over the past month in which these activists are tearing down the posters and flyers. But now, it appears those participating in this behavior in New York City might have cause to rethink their actions.

Two young men were arrested for tearing down posters of hostages kidnapped in the Israel-Hamas war that were hung up outside a private property in Gramercy Park, police said Thursday.

Charlotte Wimer, who uses he/him pronouns, and Gray Segal, both 18, were arrested just after 5 p.m. Wednesday after they were caught ripping down posters of Israeli children and adults kidnapped by the terrorist group on display outside 201 E. 23rd St., cops said.

Both Wimer and Segal, who live on the Lower East Side, were charged with criminal mischief, police said.

Video taken moments after the incident and shared on X shows the two men in handcuffs standing in front of the disheveled wall of posters.

Before the incident, the wall of the privately owned building had been completely covered in red and white signs with the word “KIDNAPPED” written in all caps above photographs of missing hostages, as well as posters of the Israeli flag.


In another situation that occurred last week, a swarm of pro-Hamas protesters converged on a Jewish woman’s store because she hung these posters on her property.

In the video you can see people ripping the flyers to shreds, even stomping on them, and other people having to be stopped by the police. That's what these marchers think of children and babies kidnapped by Hamas. That's the kind of defense that they would give the terrorists who did such a thing.

The woman in the video asks if we are safe in New York, a sad commentary on the situation. She also says they weren't the freedom fighters they envisioned themselves to be.


Hopefully, the “Charlotte” Wimer and Gray Segal arrests won’t be an isolated incident. The people ripping posters off of private property and committing vandalism are nothing more than bullies, which is why they typically do their acts only when they have the numbers. Perhaps if law enforcement gets more involved in stopping these people, they might go back to their parent’s basements.

Of course, I would not be averse to civilians stepping up and doing what is necessary to protect their property as well. Bullies are cowards by nature. Simply standing up to them might also be enough to get them to relent in their efforts to express just how asinine they truly are.



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