IDF: Hamas Has 'Lost Control' of Northern Gaza

AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has announced a substantial shift in the war against Hamas. As the IDF continues fighting Hamas operatives in Gaza, it reports that the terrorist organization has lost control over the northern part of the region, which indicates that Israel is making progress in its bid to wipe out the threat.


The news comes after Israeli forces eliminated two key Hamas leaders and surrounded the mastermind of the group’s October 7 assault on Israel that started the current war.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari has said Hamas has “lost control” of northern Gaza as thousands of Palestinian civilians fled south.

In an evening briefing, Hagari said:

We saw 50,000 Gazans move from the northern Gaza Strip to the south. They are moving because they understand that Hamas has lost control in the north.

Meanwhile, 50,000 Gazans are currently fleeing to the southern region of the Strip, further strengthening the contention that Hamas’ grip over the area is slipping. The terrorist group has been preventing Palestinian civilians from traveling out of the area to avoid being caught in the crossfire of the war.

The initial exodus consisted of only a few thousand Gazans. But the numbers quickly grew, according to the United Nations. Israel has extended the duration of the “safe corridor” to allow civilians to escape from the north.


Ironically enough, Hamas has lashed out at the U.N., accusing it of working with Israel in forcing Gaza’s residents to relocate.

Hamas indicated it was opposed to the ongoing evacuation, accusing the UN of colluding with the Israeli military in the “forced displacement” of residents of Gaza.

“UNRWA [the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency] and its officials bear responsibility for this humanitarian catastrophe, in particular the residents of the Gaza [City] area and north of it,” said Salama Maruf, head of the media bureau of Hamas.

Recently, the IDF took some significant steps forward in its war to annihilate Hamas. Israeli forces killed Wael Asefa and Jamal Musa, who were both key leaders within the terrorist group. On Tuesday, it was reported that the IDF had surrounded Yahya Sinwar, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the October 7 attack.

The war is likely far from over. However, it is apparent that the IDF continues to push it to a conclusion as Hamas’ strength wanes.



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