You Won't Be Surprised to Learn That George Soros Is Bankrolling Pro-Hamas Protests

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Here’s a shocker. Many of the groups holding pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel protests across the nation since the war in the Middle East first broke out are funded by none other than billionaire leftist financier George Soros.


According to a new report, the Open Society Foundations, Soros’ organization, has funneled millions of dollars to these groups, some of which are publicly justifying Hamas’ actions in the Israel/Gaza conflict, which raises serious questions about the merits and ethics of finances going toward an organization that has a well-documented history of killing Israeli civilians.

Far-left billionaire kingmaker George Soros has funneled more than $15 million since 2016 to groups behind this month’s pro-Palestine protests, where demonstrators openly cheered Hamas militants’ craven terrorist attacks on Israel.

A Post examination of Open Society Foundations records shows Soros’ grant-making network gave $13.7 million of the money through Tides Center, a deep-pocketed lefty advocacy group that sponsors several nonprofits who’ve justified Hamas’ bloody attacks while claiming Palestinians obsessed with the eradication of the Jewish state are the real victims.

Tides’ beneficiaries include Illinois-based Adalah Justice Project, which on the day of the Oct. 7 massacre posted a photo on Instagram of a bulldozer tearing part of Israel’s border fence down and a caption: “Israeli colonizers believed they could indefinitely trap two million people in an open-air prison… no cage goes unchallenged.”


Soros’ funding of these groups adds another layer to the ongoing debate over the Israel/Palestine issue, especially when it comes to the current war, which was sparked when Hamas launched a massive surprise attack against Israel. Over one thousand people were killed, many of whom were non-combatants. Yet, the billionaire has been propping up radical groups such as these for years.

This development further illustrates that it is primarily the far-left in America that insists on using the war to spread anti-Israel sentiments in the streets, airwaves, and interwebs. While many of these groups simply express solidarity for the plight of the Palestinian civilians, others have openly supported and defended Hamas, even when it was revealed that the group has targeted Israeli children for violence.

Another wrinkle in this affair is Soros’ position on the world stage when it comes to political discourse. Folks on the right have criticized the billionaire for helping to push the Marxist agenda forward in the West, using his considerable wealth to fund a variety of causes intended to promote progressive ideology. Folks on the left have responded to these criticisms by claiming anyone who speaks ill of Soros is motivated by antisemitism because he is Jewish.


Yet, here we have Soros, a Jew dishing out oodles of cash to organizations supporting a viciously antisemitic group that publicly declares its intention to eliminate Israel as a Jewish state. The question is: Are those calling Soros out for funding these groups still antisemitic? Is it wrong to criticize Jewish folks who support antisemitic causes? Or is this akin to the N-word for black folks in that antisemitism is only acceptable when it comes from someone who happens to be Jewish?

These are the questions that come to mind when I see stories such as this.

Of course, I am being a bit facetious here. I don’t believe for a second that anybody, including those making the claim, actually thinks that most people who criticize Soros are doing so because they detest Jews. The reality is that the organizations siding with Hamas aren’t going away anytime soon with this level of financial backing. Fortunately, it does not seem their efforts have been effective at turning Americans against Israel.


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