High-Profile Arab Influencers Savage Hamas for Starting War With Israel

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The intensifying conflict between Israel and Hamas is drawing strong reactions from across the globe. But the response from many within the Arab world has been noteworthy, with opinions being mixed on the issue.


There have been various news reports and video footage circulating on social media showing Palestinians and other Arabs in different countries protesting in favor of Hamas and against Israel. But what hasn’t received much attention are dissenting voices coming from others. Yet, there are several with high-profile platforms condemning Hamas, and Iran for its involvement in the surprise attack on Israel that ignited the war.

After Hamas's widescale attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, some Arab intellectuals have taken to social media platforms to strongly condemn it. They are asserting that the attack is aligned with Iran's regional agendas, hinders peace efforts and initiatives, and intensifies the suffering of the Palestinian people. They emphasized that the distressing videos showing the brutality of the attack, the abuse of Israeli civilians, and the abduction of elderly people have had a catastrophic impact on communities worldwide that are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, particularly in the Western world.

Furthermore, these intellectuals, mostly Gulf Arabs, have also countered the arguments put forth by Hamas supporters on social media calling for Arab unity against Israel.

Dr. Mohamad Bin Hamud Al-Hadla, a renowned Saudi writer and social media influencer, is among many prominent voices criticizing Hamas for attacking Israel and starting the war, which has already claimed over 2,000 lives. He savaged Hamas, calling their actions “foolish” and argued that “the only one benefiting from Hamas’s crime is Iran…and on the ground, the price will be destruction and devastation, increasing the suffering of Palestinians for decades.”


Dr. Turki Al-Raj’an, a Saudi researcher and author accused the terrorist organization of allying itself with international forces and other extremist groups and saying they are “without honor.” He wrote:

Hamas and other factions in Palestine practice a system of bullying in all its forms in the region through alliances with other international forces and other terrorist parties, which give them orders and implement them for the sake of mutual interests. The result is international rivalries against countries in everything that undermines peace efforts in the region, and the one who pays for this bullying is the Palestinian people.

Saleh Al-Fahid, a Saudi journalist took his rhetoric against Hamas even further, calling on Israel to completely eradicate the terrorist organization.

If Israel doesn't capitalize on international solidarity and support at this time to completely eliminate Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and to free Gaza from their control, it will miss an opportunity that may never come again. Any end to the current conflict that doesn't achieve this outcome means we are destined to face another one sooner or later, depending on the needs and interests of their Iranian puppeteers. The Palestinian people do not deserve to have their cause manipulated by organizations and factions that have become mere tools and proxies for the Iranians.


An Emirati social media influencer known as “Khalifa” cast blame on Hamas for the destruction and deaths in Gaza, and noted how the organization uses religion to brainwash people living in the region.

All the destruction and loss of life and property in Gaza is caused by the foolishness, ignorance, and idiocy of the rogue terrorist organizations that govern Gaza and brainwash people, exploiting the religion of Islam and the negotiation charade. The blood of innocent victims is on the hands of these terrorist organizations that rule Gaza. These organizations have spared no effort to engage in an exceptionally losing war, serving personal agendas and interests, primarily the enrichment and filling of their pockets with aid money.

The words coming from these individuals speak to the reality that many Arabs and Muslims are not on board with radical extremist groups and the atrocities they commit. They advocate for non-violent solutions to the problems the Palestinians face.

Yet, one has to wonder why elite media does not give attention to Arabs who publicly promote peaceful solutions rather than embracing terrorism. These folks are pointing out what many in the anti-Israel camp miss: Hamas has been more of an oppressor to the Palestinians than the Jewish state. It is they, and other terrorist groups, which have exacerbated the violence, much of which has killed innocent Palestinian civilians. It is one of several entities that are deeply invested in keeping the conflict with Israel going. Unfortunately, as these individuals pointed out, it is innocent Israelis and Palestinians who suffer in the end.




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