Rep. Nancy Mace Drops the Hammer on Biden Impeachment Talks

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The idea of impeaching President Joe Biden has been buzzing ever since Republicans took back the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections. House Republicans have given hints that they might take this action against the president. However, its leadership seems reticent about the idea, which may never come to fruition.


Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) recently chimed in on the impeachment topic during a Sunday interview in which she indicated that such an endeavor would amount to “window dressing” because the Democrat-controlled Senate would never vote to convict and remove the president.

The host brought up Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) demands for impeachment, noting that some folks “feel that the impeachment inquiry is being kind of dangled as a carrot…in order to get just a continuing resolution pushed through.”

Mace responded:

“Well, impeachment is just window dressing. It’s not going to go anywhere. We need real spending cuts. We need real measures. I mean, and when we look at the potential for a government shutdown in the next couple of weeks, it’ll happen before October, if it happens at all. That is a real risk right now.”

Mace continued: “A lot of folks on the right are going to want to blame Biden and Democrats on the left, but I got to tell you, we’re here today because both sides, Republicans and Democrats, have spent into oblivion.”


Mace’s remarks, as well as other Republicans arguing against impeachment, do not appear to be in line with how the party base views the situation. The findings of a Public Policy Polling survey released in August showed that 89 percent of Trump supporters and 75 percent of Republican voters believe that an impeachment inquiry would be primarily for “truth-seeking.” Moreover, about 63 percent of Trump supporters thought the GOP should proceed with impeaching President Biden even if no evidence is found.

It seems clear that Republicans want Biden to be impeached even if it is obvious that he will never be convicted.

Mace’s comments about Republicans and Democrats contributing to the massive spending we have seen over the decades are accurate – neither party is innocent in this regard. However, while these concerns are valid, history has shown us that impeachment does not necessarily have to result in the removal of the president to have a benefit. Indeed, despite knowing that they could not successfully remove former President Donald Trump, Democrats attempted to impeach him twice – once while he was out of office. Why? Because they sought to shed light on his supposed misdeeds and damage him politically.


In this case, turnabout is fair play, is it not?

If Biden has been engaged in corruption – and there is evidence showing he has been – then what’s the point of refraining from impeaching him? Even if the effort does not result in conviction and removal, it will certainly expose what the “Big Guy” has been up to before and after taking office. Moreover, it could cause Democrats to think twice before trying to impeach the next Republican president for purely political purposes. It might be a long shot, but perhaps MAI (Mutually-Assured Impeachment) might serve as a deterrent to those seeking to use the practice simply to attack a political opponent.



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