WATCH: Comer Finally Talks Impeachment and When We Can Expect It

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We've been reporting on all the evidence that the House Oversight Committee has been assembling in the probe of Joe Biden and his connections to the family business. The big question has been: when would they take all that evidence and finally move on to the impeachment inquiry? 


Chair James Comer (R-KY) has made clear right down the line that he's trying to accumulate as much evidence as he can so when they bring a case that it's irrefutable, it is just about assembling it to that point.  It now sounds like Comer thinks they are at that point, based on what he said during an interview on Fox Business.

Comer explained the new revelations about the use of the fake names used in 5400 emails by Joe Biden including one where he's communicating about Ukraine and copying Hunter shortly before the Ukrainian prosecutor was fired. Comer also pointed out the additional new evidence about Hunter Biden riding on Air Force Two at least 15 times with at least some of those trips seeming to involve a business purpose. "The evidence continues to pile in," Comer said. 

Comer said, after speaking with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), he was pretty confident that they were going to launch the impeachment inquiry after Labor Day, September 4. He described getting evidence from the Biden administration "like pulling teeth" and said that's been part of why it's taken this long. 


"No one in the Biden orbit is cooperating, the government is obstructing," but they've still managed to get the evidence, he said. Comer then said he thinks everyone in the Republican conference thinks they have no choice now but to move toward an impeachment inquiry. 

As we previously reported, Comer is also going after the Air Force Two plane records to hammer down that end of the inquiry because he said that Joe Biden hasn't been truthful about anything about this. 

“I don't think anyone in America believes that these foreign nationals were just sending the Bidens money to their shell companies out of the goodness of their heart,” he said. 

Comer claimed that some of the people that the Bidens were dealing with had been investigated for corruption in their own countries and referred to some of them as "bad people" from "bad countries" [hostile to the U.S.]. He said they were looking to receive help from the Biden brand to get out of trouble. 


As I said before the air flights alone can offer some simple proof of abuse of the office, if they can link them to emails and other evidence showing they served a business purpose. They already have emails that show exactly that. That alone could get him impeachment. 

So it looks like they finally might be ready to do it, and it's about to get very interesting. 


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