Jewish School Narrowly Avoids School Shooting: Here's How They Saved Lives

Gunman who attempted to carry out mass shooting at Jewish school in Memphis was stopped by security measures. (Credit: Good Morning America)

Here’s a story that won’t get national coverage in the elite media. A would-be mass shooter was stopped from harming children at a Jewish school in Memphis, Tennessee, after failing to gain entrance into the facility. The security measures the school had in place prevented this individual from carrying out what could have been a massive tragedy.


Local law enforcement arrived on the scene after receiving a report that a gunman fired his weapon outside of Margolin Hebrew Academy on Monday. After the assailant failed to get inside of the building, he fled.

MPD said it started around 12:20 p.m. when a man tried to enter the Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone Yeshiva of the South on White Station Road.

All Memphis Shelby County Schools (MSCS) were put on a precautionary lockdown “while law enforcement investigates a situation unfolding across Shelby County”, the school district told FOX13.

According to Congressman Steve Cohen, the gunman was himself Jewish and a former student of the school.

“We have recently learned that the shooter at the Margolin Hebrew Academy was himself Jewish and a former student at the school. I am pleased the academy had effective security and that the police acted quickly to protect students,” a statement from Cohen read.

After he failed to enter the school, he ran into a contract worker outside of the building and a confrontation ensued, according to a letter the school sent parents. As he ran away from the worker, he fired two shots and then two more as he drove off, the school said.

That man was not able to enter the school and, instead, fired outside of the building, MPD said.


Memphis Police told reporters that school officials provided them with a picture of the suspect and a description of his vehicle. Officers located him and pulled him over. “MPD said the gunman jumped out of his red pick-up with a gun and was shot by an officer,” according to the report. “That man was then rushed to Regional One Hospital in critical condition, according to police.”

This situation could have been far worse. Fortunately, the school’s foresight led them to put robust security measures in place to prevent a possible mass shooting. The swift response of law enforcement ensured that the suspect was apprehended before he could find another school or public area to target.

What the anti-gunner crowd doesn’t want you to focus on is the reality that their cherished gun control laws did not stop this individual from trying to murder children. In fact, the would-be assailant was carrying a handgun, not one of the “assault rifles” that the elite media uses to terrify Americans into supporting restrictions on responsible gun owners.

This is just one story showing how security measures are far more effective at decreasing lives lost to school shootings than passing gun control legislation. As more states focus resources on implementing these measures, it will not be surprising to see more of these stories crop up. Stronger security not only prevents shooters from gaining access to school campuses, but it can also discourage them from trying in the first place.


Unfortunately, it does not appear that Tennessee’s legislature has figured this out just yet. Currently, Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, called a special session to hammer out more gun restrictions in the wake of the Nashville school shooting that occurred in March. It is not clear yet whether there will be enough votes to pass the latest gun control proposal, which essentially consists of red flag laws. But it isn’t beyond the stretch of the imagination to see that it is a possibility – far too many Republicans are on board with this type of legislation.

What this story shows us is that taking pragmatic steps to protect children will always work better than depriving responsible Americans of their right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, our elected officials are more focused on the latter than on the former.

While Tennessee’s legislature looks to pass more gun laws, this Jewish school stopped a potential mass shooter using common sense security measures.


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