Unlikely, but Not Impossible: The Scenario Where Kamala Harris Becomes President of the United States

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The political space is rife with speculation about who will occupy the White House in a few years. As the GOP primaries are in full swing with debates coming up next month, folks on the right are looking forward to seeing the candidates duke it out on the stage. On the left, Democrats seem not to have much of a choice as to who their standard bearer will be, given that President Joe Biden is not seeing any serious primary challenges.

Conventional wisdom says that the eventual next president will either be Biden or former President Donald Trump, who is leading the Republican field by a healthy margin. But sometimes, it’s fun to think outside of what is conventional and consider other possibilities.

Let’s talk about Black Hillary, AKA Vice President Kamala Harris. With record-low approval ratings, Harris has not gotten much attention except when she is on camera gaffing it up. Still, perhaps we would be remiss to ignore the vice president. I came across an article written by author Cheryl K. Chumley titled “Dear God, please don’t let Kamala Harris become president.”

The headline is self-explanatory. But in the article, Chumley highlighted Harris’ recent explanation of artificial intelligence (A.I.) at an A.I. roundtable event that drew widespread mockery. Harris struggled to articulate the concept, stating that A.I. is “kind of a fancy thing” and that it means “artificial intelligence,” which is ultimately about machine learning. Her remarks, including checking her notes to confirm her explanation, were met with ridicule on the airwaves and interwebs.

However, Chumley noted that the seriousness of Harris’ apparent incompetence lies in the fact that she could potentially become president, especially given President Biden’s own lack of competence. She also discussed the escalating conflict between Ukraine and Russia, with the United States providing significant support to Ukraine, raising concerns of a proxy war or even World War III:

The point is this: America, under this president, under this Defense secretary, under this administration, is not well positioned to win any kind of world war. This president is barely well positioned to walk and talk at the same time — which segues back nicely to the matter of Harris and her word salad ways: If she’s America’s backup, oh boy.

This a woman who could one day take over the commander-in-chief duties for a president whose puppet strings are rapidly failing to hold him in an upright position. Handlers, after all, aren’t magicians. If responsibilities fall to Harris — disaster, let us count the ways.

She almost makes Biden seem brainiac.

It’s hard to argue with Chumley’s points, isn’t it?

However, as farfetched as it seems, Harris actually could become president of these here United States if the stars align a certain way. One potential, albeit unlikely, path for Harris to become president is through a primary race. If Biden changes his mind about seeking another term or experiences a health issue that prevents him from running again, Harris could position herself as the frontrunner in the Democratic primaries.

However, her dismal popularity numbers make it unlikely that even Democrats would be willing to rally behind her. The party would probably choose another candidate who is perceived as having a better chance of winning the general election. This path seems more like a dead end.

Another scenario that seems more probable is if Biden wins a second term but subsequently announces his resignation. Given Biden’s age and apparent cognitive decline, concerns about his ability to serve a full term have been mounting since even before he became president. If he were to step down, Harris would automatically assume the presidency. This situation is not as unrealistic, considering the challenges Biden has already faced in his role and the potential need for new leadership.

If Kamala Harris were to become president, it would raise serious concerns for the United States. Her lackluster approval ratings among both Democrats and Republicans indicate a widespread lack of confidence in her leadership abilities. The policies and decisions made during her tenure as vice president have also faced criticism, making it difficult to envision her successfully leading the country.

While the possibility of Kamala Harris becoming president exists, it is a scenario that raises red flags. Her unpopularity and questionable track record as vice president cast doubt on her ability to effectively govern. Additionally, the challenges faced by the United States under the Biden administration suggest that a Harris presidency would exacerbate the existing issues. As the nation moves forward, it is crucial to consider the potential consequences of such a leadership transition and carefully evaluate the candidates who could shape the future of the country. To put it simply, the last thing the United States needs is Black Hillary leading the nation.



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