Republican Senators Make Their Own Visit to the Southern Border

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President Joe Biden, in a valiant effort to personify the saying “Too little, too late,” finally visited the southern border on Sunday. If there were two words to describe the president’s visit, “quick” and “comical” would be the most appropriate adjectives.


RedState’s Nick Arama noted that Biden did not go to the “areas where illegal aliens are pouring across the border,” which means he did not bother to look at the real consequences of his administration’s immigration policies. But, in his unlimited generosity, he did provide the nation with more comedic fodder in the form of yet another gaffe when he told members of the Salvation Army that he “spent some time with the Secret Service in Poland and Ukraine.”

But Biden is not the only one who has visited the border recently. A group of Republican senators also made the trip south to get a closer look at the situation. Both visits came after a December report revealed the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lost track of over 150,000 illegal immigrants because of a lack of processing. Fox News reported:

The Biden administration launched Operation Horizon in November 2021 to locate the 150,000 released migrants and send their official charging documents by mail. However, the ICE training videos show that border officials were restricted in their ability to locate and remove illegal migrants.


As you might have already deduced, the Republican lawmakers did not have any kind words for the Biden administration related to its handling of the ongoing migrant crisis. “Under President Biden, every single state has become a border state,” said Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL).

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) slammed the White House for relying on the “catch-and-release” policy, which “needs to end.”

When Biden reversed most of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies shortly after taking office, it was already clear that the nation was going to be experiencing a substantial increase in the number of migrants and illegal immigrants trying to gain entry into the United States. But the migrant crisis that resulted from the president’s policies has become even worse than was originally projected.

The White House’s decision to bring the nation back to catch and release, which is a policy that has not worked, was yet another indicator that this president does not take the immigration issue seriously, even though it has already had devastating effects on the country.


Border towns have become overwhelmed with the constant influx of migrants and illegals being dropped in their areas. Drug overdoses due to fentanyl being smuggled over the southern border have skyrocketed. Still, Biden and his team seem unconcerned about the matter.

To anyone who is paying attention, Biden’s visit to the southern border was nothing more than political theater. The fact that the administration is making it harder for ICE to do its job is telling. Any concern expressed by the White House is insincere. If they truly wished to address this problem, they would take tangible action against it. But so far, they have chosen gaslighting over actual policy.


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