Republicans Demonstrate Once Again Why They No Longer Deserve Our Support

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I have the best Twitter followers, bar none. In fact, one of my pals on the social media platform posted a thread recently that perfectly sums up why the Republican Party does not deserve our support. It is related to the gargantuan omnibus spending bill making its way through Congress, and it illustrates one of several factors that pushed me to finally give up on the GOP.


As you already know, the Senate passed the $1.7 trillion bill that weighed in at over 4,000 pages long. Despite GOP lawmakers like Reps. Chip Roy (TX) and Dan Bishop (NC) exposing some of the absurd, wokeist, and even insidious provisions contained in the proposal, 18 Republican senators still voted in favor of this pile of legislative bovine excrement, which will do far more to help Ukraine and other countries than actual Americans.

You want their names? Here you go.

Unfortunately, this bill will likely pass in the House as well, since Democrats still hold sway over the lower chamber. Nevertheless, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is still speaking out against the measure, noting the lack of funding for border security. “How many people on the terrorist watchlist coming into this country is too much for you?” he asked on the House floor.

My friend Jenna pointed out what is happening here, noting that “this is a manipulation that Republican politicians do really well” and that the “voting base doesn’t want this bull pushed at all.”


But Republicans have to “pretend like they are pushing back” by selecting “a part of the bill that’s politically safe to argue back against,” like border security.

In this way, the GOP persuades voters to “argue FOR border security in the bill” because they realize that right-leaning voters will pick our southern border over pushing more aid to Ukraine.


The ruse is intended to take voters that don’t want any part of this bill to be passed and distract them by focusing on the one area that they might approve of. Of course, this doesn’t work on all Republican voters, but the hope is that it works on enough of them to suppress a more vociferous outcry against GOP lawmakers.

People who have been part of the conservative movement and/or the Republican Party for longer than a few years know that what Jenna is saying is spot on. This is not anything new; the GOP has been hoodwinking its base for decades. They stood atop lofty pedestals preaching the virtues of limited government while helping Democrats turn the state into the leviathan it is today. Every election season, they use our fear of the left taking over the government in an elaborate con job designed to frighten us into granting them power so they can pretend to be working on our behalf.

When will enough be enough?

Jim Thompson’s latest cartoon says it all:

(Credit: Jim Thompson)

Of course, there are still plenty of decent liberty-minded people left in the GOP. But unfortunately, they do not represent the bulk of the party. Unfortunately, this story is one of many demonstrating that the Republican Party as it stands today is no longer deserving of the loyalty it has enjoyed from its base for decades. Perhaps it is time for something new.


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