FRIDAY CARTOON: The GOP Is Transitioning ... Into a Jackass

(Credit: Jim Thompson)

I don’t know when the GOP became the party of squishes. I used to admire Mitch McConnell. Without him, the Supreme Court would look very different. He did a yeoman’s job in that respect but when election season came, he was more interested in protecting his bridge buddies in the Senate than spending money on candidates. There were legitimate complaints about “candidate quality” but once the primaries were over, it was time for the turtle to come out of the shell, firing with both barrels of money. He didn’t and now he has 49 instead of a majority. It sure looks like Cocaine Mitch is happy with being in the minority.


Now, the GOP has a narrow majority in the House but it is a majority. Sure, lots of mistakes were made (looking at you Ronna McDaniel) and the House should have had a solid majority to avoid eating their own but, again, it is a majority. I don’t think the House GOP will follow the lead of members of the Republican squish caucus in the Senate and start transitioning into giant jackasses. It’s happening right before our eyes, though, in the Senate.

With so many things going wrong in our country from the rising cost of living to illegal aliens pouring over the border to crime there are plenty of things to worry about here, and now. On my list of priorities, wrecking Russia is maybe on page six. It’s not that I don’t want Russia to lose — I do, I just don’t want the cash spigot to be stuck on. And collaterally we don’t want Russia destroyed and a vacuum left for oligarchs to fill. Putin is bad enough, imagine if Russia and its thousands of nukes are under the control of the Russian mafia and hegemonic Oligarchs. McConnell said in relation to the Omnibus spending bill and funding for Ukraine:

In the defense part of our expenditures, making sure the Defense Department can deal with the major threats coming from Russia and China — providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most Republicans,”

I certainly was talking about it for the last two weeks to my own colleagues. I said, No. 1, this is a pittance compared to the $2 trillion the Democrats dumped on the economy last year, producing 40-year-high inflation. If ever there were a reason where for an expenditure of this amount, this is it. And if the Russians succeeded, it would cost us a lot more.


There was a good deal of blowback to that claim. There are plenty of conservatives who don’t support McConnell’s idea that Russia is still the “mighty red horde.” Russia is a big country with a second-rate military and a lot of oil and nukes. Our best interests are not served by Russia’s collapse into anarchy or instability. Our interests lie in helping Ukraine negotiate a settlement while pushing Russian back to the border.

McConnell just couldn’t wait to give Ukraine more piles of cash and more shipment of arms, and he got a whole lot of Republicans to roll with him and help Chuck and his caucus write a spending bill. There’s a whole lot of garbage in there and all Mitch had to do was wait a few weeks. There is no return to conservatism for senators like Romney. He’s already fully transitioned into a Schumer Christmas windup toy. There are more GOPers willing to turn into balls of goo and transition into big jackasses. Ears and all. Time for a change. It’s time for Mitch and his gang of squish Republicans (with pronouns bend/over) to lead or get out of the way. I think McConnell knows how to lose, not win.


The turtle’s time is up.


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