The Left Using the QAnon Strategy Against Elon Musk Is a Losing Effort

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You know they are desperate when they start trying to resurrect QAnon to attack yet another political opponent. In progressives’ ongoing quest to discredit and undermine Elon Musk’s leadership of Twitter, they are now trying to tie him to the conspiracy theory movement, which has been all but completely crushed after the 2020 election.

This was a favorite weapon in the progressive camp back when QAnon was actually a thing. Democrats and the activists in the press used this cudgel against Republican politicians like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and others, in an effort to make them look like wild-eyed conspiracy kooks. Now, it seems they believe they can use this tactic against their new, favorite boogeyman.

It started when Musk posted a tweet exhorting his followers to follow the white rabbit.

After he posted the tweet, the activist media pounced, claiming that Musk was somehow promoting the QAnon movement. The Washington Post published a piece titled “QAnon is finding new life in Elon Musk’s conspiracy theories,” in which author Drew Harwell claimed the CEO’s “boosting of far-right memes and grievances has injected new energy into the jumbled set of conspiracy theories known as QAnon.”

Harwell continued, complaining about other instances in which Musk expressed opinions that do not align with that of progressives:

The billionaire has spread bogus theories about the violent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband to his 120 million followers, and he called for the criminal prosecution of infectious-disease expert Anthony S. Fauci. He has thrown around baseless accusations about adults sexualizing children, helping stir up an angry online mob against Yoel Roth, a former Twitter safety executive Musk praised in October for his “high integrity.”

The author explained that Musk’s white rabbit tweet was a possible reference to “Alice in Wonderland” or “The Matrix.”

He added:

But many QAnon believers saw the rabbit as a wink to one of their foundational icons, a secret indicator shared in one of QAnon’s earlier online prophesies, known as “drops.”

Even though Musk laughed at the suggestion that this was about the conspiracy cult, Harwell insisted that “the message was clear” among adherents of the movement, and brought up examples of some of the remaining Q believers making hay of Musk’s tweet.

Not to be outdone, Vice also put out a piece by David Gilbert suggesting that Musk had “tweeted an explicit encouragement” to his followers to “look into the QAnon conspiracy movement.”

The author wrote:

While Musk has dismissed the claims that he is promoting QAnon, experts worry that the explicit signals he is giving the QAnon community by referencing the white rabbit will embolden them even further, and possibly cause violence. And over the last few weeks, Musk hasn’t done much to dissuade QAnon believers: Twitter has reinstated a host of major QAnon accounts onto the platform.

A behavioral scientist named Caroline Orr Bueno also waxed hysterical about Musk’s tweet, claiming he was “encouraging 120 million followers to join a domestic terrorism movement.”

Make no mistake. None of these people actually believes Elon Musk is a proponent of the QAnon movement, nor do they think he is trying to help it recruit more members. As stated previously, the white rabbit trope has been used in a variety of contexts outside of QAnon.

Musk has never given any indication that he is in alignment with the movement, nor has he suggested that it has any level of validity. This tweet was just another example of his having fun with the platform. The left is merely using this as their latest attack against the CEO because they resent his efforts to turn Twitter into a platform that embraces free speech–instead of politically-biased censorship.

But the fact that the left even has to resort to this tactic says something: They know they are losing this battle. Progressives have employed multiple measures to attack Musk and so far, all of them have failed.


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