Elon Musk Is Winning

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So far, the pro-censorship, anti-speech left has thrown everything they could at Elon Musk for the unpardonable sin of buying one of their favorite social media companies and working to turn it into a platform for the free expression of ideas. From the moment he took the helm, they have been waging a war on the airwaves and interwebs in an attempt to stop him from – gasp – allowing non-leftists an equal chance to get their ideas heard.

Activist media outlets tried to weaken Twitter by attacking its advertising revenue. They tried pressuring Apple and Google to remove the app from their stores to prevent more downloads. Indeed, they even tried to exploit the issue of child porn on the platform to discredit the CEO. Even further, they are still engaged in a wholesale effort to convince the public that the social media site has somehow become a bastion for white supremacists.

It seems progressives are getting frustrated with their failure to take Musk down. They shouted with glee when it was revealed that about 50 percent of the platform’s advertisers had paused their business relationship with Twitter. But now that many of these companies are rekindling their ties, the left is not cheering quite so loudly.

MSNBC media activist Mika Brzezinski, in a recent broadcast, expressed her displeasure at the news that Apple and Amazon, both major advertisers on Twitter, had begun running ads again. During an interview with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, she said, “Apple and Amazon [are] looking to resume advertising on Twitter. Why?”

Sorkin responded:

“Well, Mika, I want to know what you think of this. Last week, let’s put some context on this. Last week, you had Elon Musk effectively going to battle with Apple because he felt that Apple was either going to be doubling down in terms of what was going to be on the app, whether they were going to be either censoring things in the like…immediately, Tim Cook then calls him, invited him to Apple’s campuses and in the coming days, they became their largest advertiser again.”

Brzezinski said Apple’s reversal was “Trumpian,” speculating that the company gave in to Musk because of his remarks about them on Twitter. Last week, he said Apple was threatening to remove the social media app from its stores.

On Saturday, Musk posted a tweet thanking advertisers for coming back to the platform after Apple and Amazon’s decision to return to the platform. “Just a note to thank advertisers for returning to Twitter,” he tweeted.

Amazon indicated it plans to spend about $100 million per year to advertise on Twitter. Fox Business reported:

Amazon was one of many companies that pulled advertising from the social media platform after Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the company in late October. Many of those companies have since returned. Amazon plans to be among those companies once certain security measures are met.

And during a two-hour Twitter Spaces on Saturday, Musk said that Apple – the platform’s largest advertiser – has “fully resumed” advertising on the Twitter social network.

It appears that many companies who were doing business with Twitter in the pre-Musk era were concerned about the content the new CEO would allow on the platform. They feared that he would allow some of the more unsavory elements of society to hold sway on the site and likely believed that by associating with the company, they might lose customers. This, despite Musk promising shortly after he took over that he would not allow Twitter to become a “free-for-all hellscape.” Advertisers were probably taken in by activist media reports suggesting that hate speech had risen dramatically under Musk, a contention he has already debunked.

This development does not come as a surprise. Over time, it was always going to become clear that Twitter was not going to somehow transform into Gab, another platform that has been fraught with actual white supremacist users. The return of these advertisers was inevitable. But this does not mean progressives will stop trying. Musk buying the company poses a grave threat to leftist supremacy over the platform.

Without the censorship brigade applying the company’s terms of service in a politically biased manner, these people understand that they will now have to compete on a level playing field, a reality that seems to terrify them. But, as I said previously, they are not going to give this up without a fight.


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