There’s Nothing Wrong With House Republicans Investigating Hunter Biden

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

House Republicans were remarkably swift in pursuing the fulfillment of at least some of the promises they made during the campaign season. Shortly after they were projected to retake the House, they announced they would be pursuing investigations into Hunter Biden and other matters that might not reflect well on Democrats.

Naturally, not everyone is happy about it. The announcement was met with criticism from folks on both the left and the right.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Reps. James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) outlined their plans to investigate these issues during a press conference on Thursday. “We are going to make it very clear that this is now an investigation of President Biden,” Comer said, also explaining that they “found plans based in the United States where the Biden family swindled investors of hundreds of thousands of dollars, all with Joe Biden’s participation and knowledge.”

“In 2019, shortly after announcing his campaign for president, Joe Biden told the American people he had nothing to do with and never had conversations with his family about their business dealings. That was a lie,” he added.

“Whistleblowers describe President Biden as chairman of the board for these businesses,” Comer continued. “He personally participated in meetings and phone calls. Documents show that he was a partner with access to an office. To be clear, Joe Biden is ‘the big guy.’”

Comer indicated the evidence they found “raises troubling questions about whether President Biden is a national security risk and about whether he is compromised by foreign governments.”

House Republicans are planning also to investigate the Biden administration’s handling of the ongoing migrant crisis. On Friday, they sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas telling them to be ready to give testimony after the new Congress convenes in January.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan will also be a focus. House Republicans will be looking into the areas that went dreadfully wrong and left many Americans and Afghan allies stranded in the country after the Taliban regained control of the country.

Rep. Jordan is leading the charge to investigate the Justice Department and FBI for alleged political bias. So far, he has received tips from 14 whistleblowers in the Bureau claiming widespread corruption. Indeed, the agency has come under fire from the right for displaying an apparent bias in favor of the left in its operations.

Nevertheless, folks are aghast at the idea that Republicans would conduct investigations into the administration. Some argued that they should focus on inflation, crime, and other issues they brought up during the campaign

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera posted a tweet castigating the GOP over the investigations:

Republicans get control of the House & the first they do is…No not explore how to tame inflation or crime etc. They launch an investigation of President & Hunter Biden.

Boring. Divisive. Retro. Unwanted. Zero positive impact on the lives of Americans. Is this the real Red Wave?

Marc Thiessen of the American Enterprise Institute took issue with their announcement about Hunter Biden:

So voters just stopped the GOP red wave because they thought Republicans were too extreme. But as soon as they win a razor thin majority the first thing Rs announce they are doing is … investigating Hunter Biden — not addressing inflation or crime or the border. Absolutely nuts

During an appearance on Newsy, the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson also chimed in:

“Well, what you’re not going to see is significant and serious and meaningful action to do things that Republicans claimed were important during the election. They claimed crime and inflation were the massive issues surrounding on their case for being reelected at the DC kind of Republican level. And what what they’re going to do instead is Hunter Biden’s laptop. They’re going to investigate Anthony Fauci. They’re going to investigate Nancy Pelosi for January 6 and blame her for January 6.”

Despite all the whining, Republicans remain undeterred. Others on the right have argued that these investigations might backfire on the GOP politically, claiming they should focus only on legislating. But those making this argument are missing the fact that it is possible to focus on holding the Biden administration accountable while also pursuing legislation. To put it simply, they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Moreover, if we’re being realistic, House Republicans do not have the power in the legislature necessary to affect change their laws. The Democrats still retain the Senate, and the GOP’s lead in the House is rather slim. They can certainly stymie the far-leftist agenda from advancing in Congress, but they won’t be able to do much more than that at this point.

But let’s cut through the BS. Most of these people criticizing Republicans are only doing so because they know these investigations are likely to turn up information that could cause great harm to the Democrats politically. While they will probably fail to result in indictments, the political damage they will inflict will put Republicans in a much better position for the 2024 elections. No wonder these people are so terrified.



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